How To Automate SD-WAN Deployments & Management with Itential

Enterprises are adopting SD-WAN to reduce costs, increase network performance, and security, as well as help network teams manage large remote sites more efficiently. One challenge of SD-WAN that most enterprises overlook is the amount of time it takes to deploy and migrate remote sites — until they realize that they might miss key deployment deadlines because the end-to-end process of deploying SD-WAN to a single site takes longer than they anticipated. Another challenge comes after deployment, when changes need to be made and it becomes apparent that the existing SD-WAN tools are very “ClickOps” heavy and fail to provide a way to ensure consistent configuration compliance for every device managed by the solution.

Organizations understand the need for automating SD-WAN to overcome these challenges because they are attempting to build scripts utilizing SD-WAN APIs, but what’s really needed is an automation platform that can abstract the complexities of SD-WAN and other modern network solutions along with traditional network devices and integrate with the enterprise’s entire IT ecosystem to provide end-to-end automation for deployment and day-to-day management. With the right solution, enterprise organizations can increase speed to deploy new sites, minimize human errors, and remove the tedious backlog of change requests.

In this demo, Senior Solutions Architect Dan Sullivan showcases how the Itential Automation Platform can:

  • Integrate with any SD-WAN vendor.
  • Easily onboard new SD-WAN devices at remote sites.
  • Ensure configuration compliance for SD-WAN and API network solutions.
  • Integrate with IT systems like ServiceNow (ITSM), Netbox (SoT), and MS Teams (Messaging/Notification).