Manage, Measure, & Maximize Network Automation

Scale automation across your organization with a single, unified dashboard.

Itential Automation Management & Analytics Capabilities

Manage All Automations in a Single View

  • Single area of management for all your organization’s automations.
  • Real-time view of automations as they run, are paused, or cancelled.
  • Granular visibility into each automation’s task status, input, and output.
  • Complete history of every completed Job, execution details such as time, data, payloads, and status.
itential network automation platform screenshot showing a unified view of network automation names, tasks, owners, and progress for each
itential network automation platform screenshot showing an analytics report for automations to see how they are performing

Iterate & Improve Automations for Maximum Impact

  • Refine and optimize use cases based on performance data.
  • Detailed reporting and analysis to provide immediate feedback on your automation initiatives.
  • Determine average execution time for each task.
  • Identify areas of improvement for more efficient automation across use cases.
  • Discover performance bottlenecks between systems.

Scale Automation Usage Across the Organization

  • Integrate with RBAC to securely publish and share automations so they can be leveraged by other processes and systems.
  • Schedule automations to run at pre-determined days and times.
  • Define API for automations to integrate with external systems for self-service.
  • Execute automations in response to notifications for closed-loop, event-driven process.
  • Safely integrate into self-service portals through ServiceNow, DevOps CI/CD pipelines, or integrate into event streaming platforms like Kafka, for closed-loop remediation.
itential network automation platform screenshot of the details of a specific automation, with a zoomed view on the automation triggers
itential network automation platform screenshot showing job metrics with a graph so network teams can measure the ROI of their automations

Measure Automation ROI

  • Compare time-to-complete before and after automation.
  • Understand value that each use case provides with time savings calculations.
  • Access historical metrics to determine automation value over time.
  • View average run times and total times run for each automation.

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