Itential Automation Platform Demo Overview

The Itential Automation Platform was purpose-built to provide NetDevOps teams with the full capabilities needed to automate and orchestrate their networks, no matter how complex or distributed they are.

As the only SaaS-based network orchestration platform, Itential provides flexible integration with any network infrastructure, cloud or IT system, the ability to manage config for Day 0/1 deployment and Day 2 changes and beyond, and a low-code drag-and-drop canvas to rapidly build end-to-end orchestrated workflows.

In this demo, get an overview how the applications in the platform work together to orchestrate common tasks and processes:

  • Quickly integrate with traditional and modern network solutions along with all of your IT systems to include in orchestrated workflows.
  • Automate network operations of any type and complexity, from routine operations to device configuration and compliance and remediation to service lifecycle.
  • Easily collaborate and build workflows leveraging pre-built modular assets such as integrations, data transformations, forms, and more with a low-code, drag-and-drop visual canvas.
  • Publish automations in a variety of ways to be consumed by end users, such as to pipelines, to ITSM systems, and for forms-based input.

Demo Notes

(So you can skip ahead, if you want.)

0:00: Introduction & Platform Overview
0:51: Overview of Admin Essentials
1:37: Overview of Automation Studio
3:34: Overview of Operations Manager