Itential + IP Fabric

Integrated Network Automation & Assurance

Network teams need to accelerate network automation initiatives but lack the skills and confidence necessary to keep up with the demands on today’s networks. With Itential and IP Fabric, network teams have a robust solution that gives them the ability to quickly build network automations and execute them with confidence that the resulting state of the network matches your intent through network verification, validation, and assurance.

Quickly Build & Execute Automations with Integrated Network Assurance

With such a high rate of change in today’s enterprise network, network teams need to ensure that network configuration changes don’t have unintended consequences.  Automated network assurance gives you a trustworthy baseline from which to build change. Automations must also include the ability to verify that changes were made appropriately, and network services are operating according to your intent. With Itential’s network-centric automation and integration with IP Fabric’s discovery, visibility, and contextualized insight, enterprises will have the richest set of validation, verification, and assurance features that can be built into every single network automation project.


Network Automation

Codeless Integrations to Any System

Integrate with any IT system, network, or cloud controllers for use in automations. Customers can easily create integrations using vendor published API documentation.

Visual Method to Build Automations & Transform Data

The ability to create automation workflows without having to learn any coding or scripting languages. Taking structured data from a workflow task, transforming it, and updating other management or documentation tooling using REST API integration without scripting.

Configuration Syntax Checking

Validating that any proposed changes to the configuration of a CLI or API managed device adheres to a previously defined configuration standard before inflicting change.

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Discovery & Assurance

Class-Leading Discovery

Know exactly what is in your network of networks end-to-end, so that you’re approaching automation from a complete and accurate network baseline.

Operational Visibility / Documentation

Model the data from the network to understand its topology and state and make that available through a UI in tables and diagrams as online documentation. This data intelligence is then easily available to teams and systems over REST API, enhancing your overall network ecosystem [and enabling teams across your organization to use one unified network source of truth].

Intent Compliance / Change Validation

Create rules which verify that the behavior of the network matches your pre-defined intent. Can device A talk to device B? Does my network have single points of failure? Will my backup path work? These answers are accessible and accurate in IP Fabric.

How Itential & IP Fabric Work Together

Capitalizing on these capabilities, the integration of Itential and IP Fabric enables network teams to accelerate their network automation initiatives with confidence.

Technology Integration

IP Fabric provides a network source of truth (the view of the network as it really is) and provides a measure of how closely its configuration, topology, state, and policy meets intent.

The Itential Automation Platform facilitates the rapid design and deployment of automation workflows.

By integrating these two platform together, network teams are enabled to create automated change in the network that can be:

  • Validated by measuring the end-to-end behavior of the resulting network, comparing it with its previous state and the desired outcome.
  • Triggered when the network has breached some threshold of measured drift from desired behavior.

Accelerating your network automation with confidence – buoyed by network assurance – sets you up for a smooth road to the eventual self-driving network.

Itential Pre-Built Collection for IP Fabric

Top use cases and examples of the integration and Itential Pre-Built Automations with IP Fabric:

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