Packet Pushers: Get Scalable Network Automation with Itential

The journey to network automation usually starts with the decision to write a few scripts to handle common tasks. Soon you are going after infrastructure automation, trying to agree on a source of truth, and building processes to keep things up to date. Then you realize that you could make a few tasks self-service to improve delivery times, and before you know it, you and your team are drowning under the weight of technical debt. You simply don’t have the human resources to keep up with what you’ve created and, though this machine you’ve built may work, it’s fragile, and the chances of it breaking go up significantly every time a new hand touches it.

You need a network automation platform that isn’t fragile, is accessible to teams of all skillsets, and that doesn’t insist that you throw out your scripts and playbooks, but instead helps you bring every piece of your network under control and into alignment — because it was built with your network in mind.

Itential’s VP of Product Management, Peter Sprygada, joins the Packet Pushers Podcast team to discuss how truly scalable and sustainable automation can be applied to any network of any size and level of complexity as well as how Itential is helping customers achieve this by automating from ticket creation to ticket closure.

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