Itential For Multi-Domain Networks

Add elegance, intelligence and diversity to your network automation systems.

Modern Networks are Complex, Diverse & Distributed

Today’s businesses require network automation capabilities that span multiple and distinct automation domains from traditional physical networks to next generation programmable networks, SD-WANs, cloud networks, and VNF-based infrastructures.  Unfortunately, most network automation platforms and orchestration tools are limited to their specific automation domains. Implementing multiple network automation tools without connecting them to a common automation framework creates a plethora of problems including incomplete automation processes, expensive and complicated integrations between disparate automation tools that lead to vendor lock-in.

Itential solves these problems by consolidating and extending the capabilities of individual network automation tools into a single, intelligent network API for the ITSM ecosystem. Itential provides a single northbound conduit, simplifying integration and spanning automation processes across complex, diverse and multi-domain environments.

An Automation Platform as Powerful & Robust as Your Network

Itential is purpose-built for today’s complex, heterogenous networks. From cloud-based networks to data center networks and from NFV to distributed WANs – Itential includes the features that you need for even the most difficult, large enterprise and service provider class network automation projects.

  • Create cohesive automation workflows that span multiple domains and network types
  • Integrate your DevOps, analytics and ITSM systems once vs. once per network type
  • Save time with closed-loop automation, including extensive pre and post check capabilities
  • Choreograph activities of lower level configuration tools and controllers into orchestration-level use cases

We originally chose Itential to help us accelerate what we were doing around Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) because of Itential’s intuitive user-interfaces and out of the box integrations with our DevOps tools. Once we saw the power and speed that we were able to obtain with Itential we started expanding it to work with our Ansible deployments as well. The Itential solution allowed us to combine what we were doing with Ansible, Cisco and soon an SD-WAN provider, into a single, cohesive network automation strategy.

Senior Director, Top North America Service Provider

Itential Benefits for Multi-Domain, Hybrid Networks

Deep, purpose-built integrations with leading DevOps tools

Discover, manage, and execute custom-built scripts (Python, Perl, C..) and Ansible playbooks, modules and roles.  Connect with tools including Ansible, Git, Docker and Jenkins.

Robust, comprehensive adapters for vendor provided network automation and configuration tools

Whether you use Cisco, Juniper, Arista, Fortinet – or all of the above – we have you covered. Itential provides rich automation capabilities for network gear of any type and provides purpose-built adapters for key vendor provided orchestrators and controllers.

Rich, proven API-driven integrations with open source automation tools and standards

Itential’s “API first” approach fuels integration with open source projects like OpenDaylight (ODL), Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) and Tungsten Fabric quickly and easily as well as incorporation of those tools into network intelligent workflows.

Comprehensive automation capabilities for networks of any type

Whether your network includes plans for SD-WAN, hybrid cloud integration or widespread VNF usage, Itential’s network automation platform provides cohesive end-to-end and closed-loop automation capabilities.

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