Building Network Automation Workflows with Itential

Demo Series Overview

The workflow builder experience is the core of the value that the Itential Automation Platform delivers to our customers: the ability to build, test, and deploy low-code automation and orchestration workflows as quickly and reliably as possible.

In this series, get an in-depth and step-by-step look at how easy it is for anyone in your organization to build automated workflows with Itential’s latest product release, IAP 23.1. Our experts cover everything from the basics of how to use our low-code workflow canvas to how to translate your use cases in logical tasks, how to add in pre-check/post-checks, and more.

Explore Itential’s Workflow Capabilities

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Introduction to Itential’s New Workflow Canvas

Dive into the new features and capabilities in our latest release for Automation Studio.

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How to Create Logical Steps for Your Use Case

“Start simple” by identifying a common networking use case and leveraging Itential’s low-code, visual canvas to build a workflow that supports that use case.

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How to Add Pre-Checks, Post-Checks, & Evaluations

Extend & enhance the simple workflow by incorporating pre-check & post-check processes, along with evaluations and conditional tasks that allow more work to be automated with confidence.

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Integration & Data Transformation

Add in integrations with the systems in your ecosystem and data transformation between those systems for a fully automated end-to-end process.

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Building Your Modular Automation Library

Explore how you can build flexible and reusable content pieces that can be standardized and centralized for maximum control and compliance for end-to-end network automation.

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Publishing & Sharing Automations

Publish a workflow in Operations Manager to extend the use of automation across your organization both for Itential users and the networking team’s end users.

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Drag-&-Drop Workflow Orchestration

Itential’s low-code automation canvas enables rapid creation of end-to-end network automations across multi-vendor and hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

  • Automate any type of network or any type of network change with a single automation environment that is vendor and technology agnostic.
  • Seamlessly connect disparate IT systems with orchestration tools and custom-built scripts for end-to-end network automation.
  • Automate the complete change from ticket creation to ticket closure for true closed-loop network automation capabilities.
  • Start fast and stay fast with out-of-the-box, Pre-Built Automations to dozens of standard use cases.
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