Building Network Automations: Introduction to Itential’s New Workflow Canvas

Itential continues to develop features and functionality to help network teams at every level of their automation journey; from teams just getting started building their first automations to teams that are already proficient in using Itential to build, test, and publish network automations for self-service.

With the 23.1 release of the Itential Automation Platform, Itential is making it even easier for network teams to deliver and scale automations. Redefined and rebuilt from the ground up, Itential’s new automation workflow canvas ensures the best possible user experience while ensuring full compatibility with any previously created workflows. New features and enhancements to Itential’s Automation Studio such as rich context menus, keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to snap-to-grid and free-float make building workflows more intuitive.

Additionally, these features make it easier to read and comprehend workflows built by someone else, further enabling cross-team collaboration and enabling network automation efforts to scale.

In the introduction of the Building Network Automation Workflows with Itential series, our experts dive into the new features and capabilities in our latest release including:

  • Walk through of the redesigned workflow canvas.
  • Using new tools and features to build workflows more efficiently.
  • Demonstrating backward compatibility and collaboration enhancements.
  • Managing Jobs with improved automation execution visualization.

Demo Notes

(So you can skip ahead, if you want.)

00:00 Introduction & Demo Overview
03:50 Create a Workflow Using the Modern Canvas
05:00 Update a Task Palette
06:28 Place Tasks on the Grid Canvas
10:30 Context Menus, Multi-Select, Copy & Paste
11:50 Adjust Task Spacing & New Zoom Features
14:00 Set Task Variables
16:50 Use Task Drag Zones & Transitions
23:08 Convert a Previous Workflow to the Modern Canvas
25:25 Run a Modern Workflow & Job Visualization
28:55 Webinar Series Overview

DEMO SERIES Building Network Automation Workflows with Itential