Maintenance Automation Demo

Standard maintenance automation procedures (MOP) can be complex and repetitive when done manually.

In this demo,  Itential demonstrates MOP built into a workflow automating manual tasks. This functionality is used to turn your run books into an easy to use, easy to update procedure that is more reliable and has more auditing capability.

  • Within the workflow shows a service migration MOP with green automated tasks and blue manual tasks. There is reusability to these tasks with MOP run templates defined within the MOP application containing commands for the desired output in the configuration.
  • Many of the manual tasks are fall out routes or confirmations so that a majority of the end to end process is done through automation.
  • This demo also shows the mobile application to show an Itential notification where you can view the platform and either work the task on your mobile device or pop back over to the computer where the information is in real time.