Why Itential for Network Automation

Network automation software for physical, virtual and cloud networks.

Why Itential for Network Automation

Itential simplifies and automates complex multi-domain and multi-vendor networks and bridges the gap between IT and networking teams by enabling users to easily build, execute and visualize end-to-end network automations for operations, configuration and service lifecycle management. Itential’s low-code environment provides a vendor agnostic, turnkey solution, connecting network orchestrators and controllers with IT Service Management applications and configuration tools to accomplish closed-loop network automation. Itential’s products are in use today within some of the world’s largest networks, including many of the top service provider and financial services companies throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Bring Your Own Automation

Itential’s ‘Bring Your Own Automation’ capabilities enable network teams to seamlessly integrate their existing automation efforts and transform scripts into APIs for use in end-to-end network automation workflows within Itential’s Automation Platform.

It’s powerful features enable you to take your automation efforts to the next level, drive adoption, and maximize your investments, without having to start from scratch. Easily consume and utilize the following through Itential’s Automation Gateway:

  • Any and all Scripts (Python, Bash, Perl, C, etc.)
  • Ansible Playbooks, Modules & Roles
  • Spreadsheets
  • Custom-Built Automations

Scale Automation As You Grow

Deploy network automation in your organization at your own pace by easily customizing workflows and tailoring the platform to meet the requirements of your current business processes and use cases. Start with automating network maintenance and operations tasks such as router/switch upgrades and device management, to then managing device configuration and compliance, and as your automation priorities scale to service and policy, we scale as you grow.

  • Basic Maintenance & Operations
  • Network Configuration & Change Management
  • Orchestration & Service Management

Orchestrate Full Network Operations Procedures

Itential automates even the most complex network operations procedures by allowing for device command responses to be evaluated against a set of rules utilizing run-time templates available in the platform. These Pre and Post steps avoid typical “what if” objections and enable closed-loop automation and true hands-free operations.

  • Automates the complete change from ticket open to ticket close
  • Built-in fall out queues for non-predictive behavior with automatic rollback
  • Exhaustive pre- and post-check capabilities to ensure smooth operational change

Involve Everyone In Network Automation

It’s time to expand network management and automation to other roles in the organization, from DevOps to IT to software developers. Itential simplifies the complexity associated with managing multiple systems and network technologies and enables non-network experts to drive end to end automation. 

  • Low-code environment enables network engineers to easily drag and drop forms and pre-built templates to create network automation workflows.
  • Built-in network intelligence accelerates automation efforts while capturing tribal knowledge for re-use across organizations.
  • Bridge the skills gap and enable all groups to operate efficiently in their day to day activities.

Automate Complex End-to-End Network Changes

Itential automates changes that span complex networks and cross multiple automation domains. Itential integrates with your existing IT systems and federates their data and logic, creating a unified view for enabling end-to-end network automation. By federating and presenting any data model (YANG, TOSCA, YAML) in a simplified visual format that abstracts the complexity from the user in an easy to use, drag and drop environment that can be utilized in network automation workflows.

  • Create complex network engineering and operations workflows
  • Connect disparate systems such as ITSM, inventory, analytics & orchestration tools
  • Low-code development interface enables network engineers & software developers to collaborate on network automation

The Benefits of Itential Network Automation

Accelerate Change

Make changes at lightning speed with Network Intelligent Workflows that automate processes and make low-code development a network automation reality.

Reduce Costs

Lower your operations costs and mitigate risks by automating repetitive processes and manual change procedures, including pre- and post-check validation.

Close the Loop

Integrate your service management, inventory, monitoring and automation tools to provide seamless closed-loop automation capabilities.

Maintain Flexibility

Our standards-driven, model-based approach and universal network API give you the freedom of multi-vendor interoperability now and in the future.

Stay Compliant

Tighten network security controls and stay compliant by auto-remediation and management of ACLs, network policies and firewall rules.

Automate Operations

Reduce swivel-chair time between multiple disparate systems when making network changes and improve data quality to support automation.