Product Overview

Build, execute and visualize Network Intelligent Workflows that fuel the journey toward modern automated networks.


Deliver End-to-End Network Automation

Itential is an easy-to-use, scalable and feature-rich network automation solution for physical and virtual networks. It seamlessly connects disparate systems such as IT Service Management, inventory, analytics and orchestration tools to provide end-to-end and closed-loop network automation capabilities.


Works with any network – traditional physical, programmable, virtual and cloud.


Scalable enough for the largest organizations – both enterprises and service providers.


Automates any type of network change from routine maintenance to device and service provisioning.


Uses a drag-and-drop interface – easily visualize, build and execute network intelligent workflows.

DevOps to NetOps – Empower Everyone with Low-Code

Itential can be used by developers and network engineers alike regardless of network engineering knowledge or code writing capabilities. Its intuitive low-code development interface and built-in network intelligence allows everyone on your team to contribute to your network automation goals.

  • Built-in network intelligence empowers application developers with little or no network knowledge
  • Low-code development interface enables network engineers without application development backgrounds
  • Standards compliant data structures and open APIs allow large teams to rapidly develop network automation workflows

Intent-Based Network API

Itential simplifies your network automation ecosystem by providing a single, aggregated network API to north bound systems. This saves time and money allowing you to integrate systems like ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, BT Diamond IP and SolarWinds NPM once, regardless of how complex or heterogenous your network may be.

  • Purpose-built adapters for easy connectivity to common IT Service Management (ITSM) applications like ServiceNow and BMC Remedy
  • Easily extensible connectors for custom-built inventory, Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and cloud-native applications
  • Broad support for network vendor device managers, controllers and orchestrators

Transform Your Automation Approach Across Multiple Domains

Itential is purpose-built for today’s complex, heterogenous networks. From cloud-based networks to data center networks and from NFV to distributed WANs – Itential includes the features that you need for even the most difficult, large enterprise and service provider class network automation projects.

  • Create cohesive automation stories that span multiple domains and network types
  • Integrate your DevOps, analytics and IT Service Management systems once instead of once per network type
  • Save time with closed-loop automation capabilities and deep pre- and post-check capabilities
  • Choreograph activities of lower level configuration tools and controllers into orchestration-level use cases


Experience Modern Network Intelligence

Itential’s Network Intelligent Workflows supports your current operations and future closed-loop logic, enabling a limitless array of network automation capabilities. The intuitive user interface enables engineers of all skill levels to participate in creating, visualizing, building and executing network intelligent workflows.

  • Automates the complete change from ticket open to ticket close
  • Built in fall out queues for non-predictive behavior with automatic rollback
  • Embedded intelligence to accelerate network automation use cases
  • Exhaustive pre- and post-check capabilities to ensure smooth operational changes

Easily Create & Visualize Network Intelligent Workflows

As a network engineer or application developer you probably spend a lot of time at the white board drawing out network topologies, application logic and packet flows. What if you could just as easily create and visualize network automation workflows and then have your systems begin to execute the logic? Itential makes this dream a reality with the network automation workflows visualizer.

  • Create complex network engineering and operations workflows
  • Visualize the network automation stories and collaborate on operational improvements
  • Automate and execute complex use cases and operational workflows

Itential Solution Demo

Network engineering and IT teams spend way too much time on manual, error-prone maintenance and operations activities. Itential’s Intelligent Network Automation solution simplifies and automates these procedures with its easy to use low-code environment.

How It Works

Itential provides a suite of powerful, scalable and easy-to-use applications for designing and executing network automation use cases and enables network engineers and application developers alike to participate in the network automation revolution. How the Itential Network Automation Engine works:

Create Network Intelligent Workflows using the network automation story visualizer, facilitating automation of even the most complex operational procedures and maintenance tasks.

Leverage existing vendor provided tools such as device managers, controllers and network orchestrators as well as custom-built scripts and playbooks.

Connect the complete community of applications within your network automation ecosystem including ticketing, change management, inventory, monitoring, analytics and more.

Expand the scope of your network automation projects with automation stories that cross multiple automation domains, network topologies and infrastructure types.


Realize the advantages of closed-loop and hands-free network automation capabilities with the Job Manager and Network Intelligent Workflow Builder.


What’s New in Itential 6.0

Enterprise-Grade Scalability

Itential is used within some of the largest networks in the world to automate complex, business critical changes at breakneck speeds.

  • In use within 6 of the 10 largest service providers in the world
  • Used by 3 of the top 5 US financial service institutions
  • Trusted by the US military
  • Exhaustive pre- and post-check capabilities to ensure error free operational changes

Automate complex end-to-end network changes

Itential automates changes that span complex networks and cross multiple automation domains.

Orchestrate full network operations procedures

Itential automates even the most complex network operations and Method of Operations (MOP) procedures. Its robust Network Intelligent Workflow Engine lets you avoid typical “what if” objections that prevent closed-loop automation and true hands-free operations.

Seamless network maintenance automation

Automating network maintenance tasks such as router/switch upgrades, configuration drift management and Access Control List (ACL) updates are a cinch with Itential’s built-in network automation scheduling capabilities.

Painless management and overlay for network vendor configuration managers and scripting tools

Leverage the work that you’ve already put into your network configuration tools and network change scripts to accelerate your network automation projects by using Itential’s system adapters and integrations.

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