Itential Automation Platform Capabilities

Advanced features and capabilities for automating any network type.

Itential Automation Platform Features & Capabilities

Itential is the only automation platform built to support both network and cloud, making it easy for enterprise organizations to maintain network compliance, reduce manual operations, and simplify network management. The Itential Automation Platform is a low-code cloud-native SaaS solution that seamlessly connects IT systems with network technologies for end-to-end network configuration, compliance, and automation.

API First Approach

The Itential Automation Platform is API first. Our vendor-agnostic solution connects to everything and acts as an aggregated network API, transforming and federating functionality and data from existing northbound and southbound systems, including controllers, orchestrators, and network management tools.

Data Federation & Transformation

Rapidly integrate and transform data between any IT, cloud, and network technology in real-time, providing an abstracted and federated view of the data, processes, and logic from integrated systems, enabling a single pane of glass across your entire network.

Model-Based Support

Itential provides enhanced support to federate YANG, YAML, JSON, and TOSCA modeling languages, by abstracting the complexity from the user and exposing the components within each model in an easy to use, drag-and-drop environment.

Built-In Network Intelligence

Itential’s out-of-the box, built-in network intelligence enables users to easily drag-and-drop forms and templates specific to network functions to accelerate the automation of network changes and activities.

Closed Loop Validation

Itential enables users to easily create closed loop automation workflows with tasks that automate checks on the network, executes and validates the task to ensure that it is performing as intended, determining business goals without user input.

Event Driven Automation

Itential’s event-driven automation capabilities can trigger automation task based upon notifications from several event systems such as incident resolution, inventory monitoring and service management, ensuring constant network configuration, assurance and compliance and automatically remediating known issues without the need for manual interaction.

Self-Service Automation Catalog

Itential’s self-service catalog exposes network automations to more departments by allowing specific roles to execute certain tasks, start and stop, or schedule recurring automations.

Role-Based Access & Control

Role-based access control provides unprecedented flexibility and control over permissions to components and data within Itential, ensuring that even the most stringent security requirements can be met.

Enterprise Scalability & High Availability

Enhanced active/active architecture allows for dynamic scaling, while mitigating downtime as your automation environment grows, providing reliability that meets the most demanding requirements.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Users are able to automatically sign in to the Itential Automation Platform using Single Sign On through OpenIDConnect.

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Why Itential for Network Automation

Bring Your Own Automation

Itential’s ‘Bring Your Own Automation’ capabilities enable network teams to seamlessly integrate their existing automation efforts and transform scripts and CLI automations into APIs for use in end-to-end network automation workflows within Itential’s Automation Platform.

It’s powerful features enable you to take your automation efforts to the next level, drive adoption, and maximize your investments, without having to start from scratch. Easily consume and utilize the following through Itential’s Automation Gateway:

  • Any and all Scripts (Python, Bash, Perl, C, etc.)
  • Ansible Playbooks, Modules & Roles, Terraform, Netmiko, and Nornir
  • Spreadsheets & Custom-Built Automations

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Involve Everyone In Network Automation

It’s time to expand network management and automation to other roles in the organization, from DevOps to IT to software developers. Itential simplifies the complexity associated with managing multiple systems and network technologies and enables non-network experts to drive end-to-end automation.

  • Low-code environment enables network engineers to easily drag and drop forms and pre-built templates to create network automation workflows.
  • Built-in network intelligence accelerates automation efforts while capturing tribal knowledge for re-use across organizations.
  • Bridge the skills gap and enable all groups to operate efficiently in their day to day activities.

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Scale Automation As You Grow

Deploy network automation in your organization at your own pace by easily customizing workflows and tailoring the platform to meet the requirements of your current business processes and use cases. Get started by automating network maintenance and operations tasks such as router/switch upgrades and device management, to then managing device configuration and compliance, and as your automation priorities scale end-to-end process automation and IT orchestration, we scale as you grow.

  • Basic Maintenance & Operations
  • Network Configuration Management & Compliance
  • End-to-End Process Automation & IT Orchestration

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