Itential Automation Platform

Low-code automation software for network & cloud infrastructure.

The Only Automation Platform Built for Network & Cloud

The Itential Automation Platform is powerful network automation software for physical, virtual, and hybrid, multi-cloud networks. Our vendor agnostic solution seamlessly connects to any IT System, Cloud, or Network technology for end-to-end and closed-loop network automation and orchestration capabilities.

Automate Every Aspect of Your Network

By leveraging the Itential Automation platform, organizations are no longer limited in their automation initiatives and can now automate every aspect of their network.

  • Multi-Domain & Multi-Vendor Automation: Horizontal integration and vendor agnostic solution connecting all your systems and technologies for cross-domain automation and orchestration.
  • Configuration & Lifecycle Management: Purpose-built applications to manage and support every aspect of your network, from routine operations to device configuration and compliance and remediation to service lifecycle.
  • Use Cases: Automate any use case across any network domain from Cloud, IP Services, Network Applications, Branch/SD-WAN, Data Center, Optical Services, 5G, Wireless, and more.
Integrate with Everything in your Ecosystem

Consolidate and extend the capabilities of individual network management tools by providing a single, aggregated network API.

  • Integrations & Adapters: Leverage Itential’s Pre-Built Adapters or build your own in minutes, and quickly integrate to systems spanning authentication, cloud, controllers and orchestrators, DevOps and NetOps tools, Inventory, ITSM, Notifications and messaging, SD-WAN, Security and telemetry and analytics.
  • The Network API: Leverage a single, aggregated network API that connects other tools within your IT ecosystems like ticketing, change management, inventory, and monitoring tools.
  • End-to-End Automation: Extend your automations to reach your full network ecosystem by leveraging both CLI and API automation for use in end-to-end network automation.
Deliver a Unified & Abstracted View Across Your Network

Itential provides an abstracted and federated view of the data, processes, and logic from integrated systems, enabling a single pane of glass across your entire network and management tools for simplifying automation across your organization.

  • Federation: Aggregate and harmonize data from multiple sources, such as network controllers, orchestrators, inventory management systems, and performance systems.
  • Data Transformations: Easily consume, transform, and federate any data or modeling language (YANG, YAML, JSON, and TOSCA), into JSON Schema for easily managing data for automations.
  • Governance: Define compliance rules for any part of your network infrastructure, on-prem or cloud, and ensure different IT teams who are creating and utilizing infrastructure are always operating within the standard.
Enable Everyone to Participate in Network Automation

Network teams can easily build automations using Itential’s low-code, drag-and-drop Automation Studio for rapidly creating visual automation workflows.

  • Low-Code: Low-code, drag-and-drop interface enables users to easily design, build, and visualize repeatable automation workflows.
  • Pre-Built Automations: Start fast and stay fast with Itential’s out of the box collection of Pre-Built Automations for simple, reusable, and rapid deployment of network automation capabilities.
  • Self-Service Catalog: Safely and securely publish network automations to network and IT teams to enable self-service automation, with full logging and accountability.
  • Built-In Network Intelligence: Itential’s out-of-the-box, built-in network Intelligence supports your current operations and future closed-loop logic, enabling a limitless array of network automation capabilities without the deep network specific knowledge
Measure the End-to-End Impact of Your Automations

Provides a unified view of the value automation brings to any team based on time saved by running end-to-end automations and allows teams to easily locate bottlenecks in your automations by leveraging the average task execution time.

  • Quickly determine the status of every automation job at a glance, and easily look into any individual job for granular status, visibility, and control.
  • Quantify the benefits of your automations by discovering how long and how many times an automation has run to intelligently determine where further optimizations can be applied