Itential Network Applications

Network specific applications purpose-built to automate any aspect of your network.

Network Applications to Automate Any Aspect of your Network

By leveraging the Itential Automation platform, organizations are no longer limited in their automation initiatives and can now automate every aspect of their network. Itential’s applications are purpose-built to ensure network teams have the tools they need to manage modern day network operations.

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Automation Studio
Design, build, and visualize end-to-end network automations in a low-code environment.
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Configuration Manager
Easily manage configurations for both physical and cloud infrastructure and ensure compliance across your entire network.
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Operations Manager
Manage automations and gain insight on how your end-to-end automations are performing through an analytics view.
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Service Lifecycle Manager
Operationalize service orchestration with lifecycle management.
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Automation Studio

Itential’s Automation Studio is a low-code environment for the creation of end-to-end network automations across multi-vendor and multi-domain networks. Automation Studio enables network engineers to quickly and easily design, build, and visualize automations for operations, configuration, and service lifecycle management in an easy to use, drag-and-drop environment that scales as you grow.

  • Empower Everyone with Low-Code
  • Built-In Network Intelligence
  • Flexible & Reusable Pre-Built Collection

Configuration Manager

Itential’s Configuration Manager simplifies and streamlines the task of Day 0 to Day N configuration management for networking teams. Configuration Manager takes a modern approach to managing both on-prem and cloud-based devices through intelligent automation and enables the ability to apply compliance reporting across your entire network.

  • Manage All Types of Network Configurations Across Physical, Virtual, & Cloud-Native devices
  • Golden Configuration Templates
  • Network Governance & Team Collaboration

Operations Manager

Itential’s Operations Manager provides a single, unified dashboard view into all of your automations inside of the Itential Automation Platform, allowing complete awareness and understanding of how every automation across your organization is performing. Operations Manager tracks metrics on each job and task and saves these details for detailed reporting and analysis to provide immediate feedback on your automation initiatives.

  • Unified View of Automations and their Value to the Organization
  • Quantify Time Saved Per Use Case
  • Locate Inefficiencies and Improve Your Automations

Service Lifecycle Manager

Itential’s Service Lifecycle Manager streamlines service orchestration by implementing service orchestration to federate the models, processes, and data from multiple service orchestrators into a single user interface for deployment and management of services and applications in the network.

  • Define & Manage Services
  • Service Catalog
  • Golden Services