Adapter Builder

Build your own custom adapters to integrate any IT or network system with Itential’s Automation Platform.
Screenshoot of Itential Adapter Builder

The Itential Automation Platform utilizes adapters to communicate via APIs with southbound systems in your network. The adapters are the implementation of controllers, orchestrators, and REST interfaces that trigger specific actions in the platform, while keeping dependencies separate from the business logic. Dependencies can be quickly interchanged, making the platform agile and flexible.

Itential enables you to build your own custom adapters to integrate specific network applications with Itential’s Automation Platform. These adapters utilize JavaScript and integrate with any REST API design, enabling you to invoke certain functions that allow you to extend your applications and support integrations with any entity from within an interface.

Adapter Builder Features

Build your own adapters for IT and network systems, enabling automation in the Itential platform. Step through the entire process using available API documentation.

Upload API Document

Upload any of the following document types to the Adapter Builder to create your custom adapter: Swagger, OpenAPI, and Postman Collection.

Form-Based Guided Approach

Adapter Builder guides you through the steps to build your custom adapter by defining the adapter, setting up the required and advanced properties, and creating entities.