On-Demand Webinar

From Scripts to Self-Service: How to Achieve Scalable Enterprise Network Automation with Itential

Many network engineers feel stuck spending their days working through a seemingly never-ending backlog of network change requests that have them darting across multiple network technologies including CLI devices, API-enabled controllers, and public cloud networking, and then they need to make sure that any adjacent tools are updated to reflect each change. These common and repeatable network requests, whether triggered by users or events, account for a large portion of a network engineer’s daily workload.

Enterprise network teams are looking for a way to ease this burden by using automation, starting with task-based scripts and moving toward more scalable network automation. This journey starts with the simple scripting that is currently occurring and leads to end-to-end, self-service automation, which will free network teams up so they can focus on larger business initiatives.

In this webinar, Peter Sprygada, VP of Product Management at Itential and Rich Martin, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, explored how Itential helps organizations achieve successful, scalable, network automation, no matter where they are on their journey by:

  • Onboarding and leveraging existing network automation efforts such as custom-built scripts, Ansible, Terraform, or more.
  • Easily automate pre-check and post-check processes to provide guardrails needed for secure and reliable automation.
  • Integrating IT systems and sources of truth to automate the full change management process associated with network changes.
  • Publishing end-to-end automations that can be executed from an IT system such as ServiceNow, etc.