White Paper

End-to-End Network Automation: How to Develop Your Automation Strategy

How to Develop Your Network Automation Strategy

Automation is, of course, not an entirely new concept in networking. Any operations engineer worth their salt has been doing some form of automation, such as writing scripts, for years. While this type of narrow-scope automation is worthwhile, it is insufficient for complex networks. Automating a discrete task has a marginal benefit, and may even introduce some static behavior that could have a negative impact on a dynamic system.

As service providers and enterprises start to expand their automation strategies, they rapidly move from scripting to orchestration. But this too can have its limitations, and more importantly, can entail significant investment.

In this white paper from Heavy Reading, learn more about:

  • An alternative approach to developing a network automation strategy
  • Why top-down beats bottom-up when managing your network.
  • How automation is more than an orchestration and why the right programmable tools are important when tackling network challenges.
  • Automation is a journey and it begins by driving a workflow designed around high-level business “intent.”