Connect to Everything with Itential Adapters

Itential is the Network API bridging your IT & cloud applications to network technologies.

Connect to Everything with Itential’s Aggregated Network API

Itential’s Automation Platform leverages REST-based adapter APIs to exchange bi-directional information between external IT systems and network technologies. Itential acts as an aggregated network API that federates functionality and data from existing controllers, orchestrators and network management tools by utilizing adapters to communicate via APIs with southbound systems in your network, thereby simplifying integration and enabling network automation across complex, diverse and multi-domain environments.

The APIs publish network data, events and notifications to the external systems, and consume information from the connected systems. The adapters trigger specific actions in the platform, while keeping dependencies separate from the business logic. Leverage existing technology investments in orchestrators, controllers, network management tools and scripts to deploy closed-loop network automation that is fully integrated with your ITSM and other systems that operate northbound of the platform.

Itential provides out-of-the box adapters, as well as custom technology integrations based on specific use cases. Itential’s Adapters span multiple categories to support true multi-domain, end-to-end network automation.

  • Authentication
  • Cloud
  • Controller / Orchestration
  • DevOps / NetOps
  • Inventory
  • ITSM / Testing
  • Notification / Messaging
  • Persistence
  • SD-WAN
  • Security
  • Telemetry / Analytics

Extend Automations Beyond the Network

integrations (1)

Aggregated Network API
Consolidate and extend the capabilities of individual network management tools into a single network API to connect to any IT system, DevOps tool, and custom-built script to include in network automation workflows.

network-insights (1)

Dynamic Discovery
Dynamically discovers functionality of integrated systems, listens for new requests, learns of system changes and allows one-time integration and re-use of functionality.


Unified View
Federation provides a unified view of data that exist in standard formats such as YAML, YANG, and TOSCA and allows for a single pane of glass management of these items.

brokers (1)

Distributed Source of Truth
Allows the unified data to remain in the systems of record and act as the source of truth, mitigating data quality issues. The platform never creates a copy of existing data.

Demo: Adapter Builder

Itential enables you to build your own custom adapters to integrate specific network applications with Itential’s Automation Platform.

In this demo learn how to easily build integrations to any IT system or network technology.