On-Demand Webinar

S&P Global’s Multi-Cloud Network Transformation Journey With Itential & Alkira

Enterprise networking has undergone several recent periods of transformation regardless of the scale of network infrastructure and how automation is implemented. The earliest evolution was on-premises automation with tooling like Python, Ansible, and Jenkins. Then the rise of cloud-native networking expanded the scope for connectivity beyond sites, data centers, and SD-WAN, right into the cloud itself. Going forward, we see an evolving enterprise architecture pattern that includes use of multi-cloud network environments and a wide variety of integration with clients & technology partners securely, creating new challenges to solve.

For S&P Global, the journey to multi-cloud networking has highlighted the necessity for an innovative approach, while at the same time, it presents exciting opportunities. Using pioneering technologies like Itential for network automation, and Alkira for connecting their multi-cloud networks, S&P Global has been able to transform into industry-leading network architecture pattern. They also fully leveraged abstraction and orchestration capabilities to make the most of the flexibility of a multi-cloud and solved challenges related to agility, integration, and security.

In this webinar, speakers from S&P Global, Alkira, and Itential walk through how S&P uses Cloud Networking-as-a-Service to dramatically simplify multi-cloud network architecture and introduce scale at an unprecedented pace with automation and orchestration, and how business and tech leaders can understand:

  • The importance of the integration layers for future-proofing network solutions and enabling business for the future.
  • Why it’s critical to ensure network technology decisions are driven by business and technology needs, not cost, technical debt, or integration challenges.
  • How to approach security, as networks continue to grow and change.

Demo Notes

(So you can skip ahead, if you want.)

00:00 Introduction & Partnership Overview of Itential + Alkira
03:00 Introduction of S&P Global
05:00 Today’s Digital Infrastructure Landscape
13:50 Convergence of Networking & Automation into Universal Platforms
21:50 Key Trends in Network Transformation
39:15 About Alkira
45:35 About Itential
52:35 Advice for the Future
59:32 Conclusion