White Paper

Automating the Network of Clouds

As businesses continue to expand toward leveraging cloud infrastructure, networking teams need to know how to provision and configure networking across cloud network environments such as VPCs and VNets. However,  there is a specialized skill set and a steep learning curve associated with connecting multiple types of devices to multiple cloud environments that is no longer satisfied by manual provisioning.

CIOs have historically created two distinct groups within their organizations and split between the Network Team and Cloud/Application Teams. But, as the cloud market continues to evolve to a highly-distributed, complex set of services, it has created a need to either merge the networking and Cloud teams together or provide a common platform to facilitate the integration and automation needs for the digitally transformed enterprise.

In this white paper you will learn: 

  • About the network innovation battleground and what CIOs need to form a cohesive strategy
  • How to break down barriers between cloud and network teams
  • How automation platforms like Itential can automate the network of clouds