Itential For Cisco Powered Networks

Itential makes automating Cisco networks a cinch no matter which type of Cisco network you have.

The Benefits of Itential for Cisco Networks

Managing networks in today’s fast paced, agile IT environments means enabling rapid and constant change without compromising reliability and performance. Automating Cisco networks can be incredibly difficult due to the breadth of their product portfolio and the diversity of their automation toolsets.

Cisco offers a variety of management tools ranging from sophisticated carrier-grade service orchestration products like Cisco NSO to tools focused more on the enterprise market such as Cisco DNA Center. Itential’s Network Automation Platform integrates with these Cisco tools to aggregate their capabilities into a single user interface and enhance their capabilities by adding built in network intelligence, a low-code development environment and a consolidated network API.

Product Features for Cisco Networks

Itential products are built with today’s complex, heterogenous networks in mind. From cloud-based networks and data center networks to distributed WANs – Itential includes the features that you need for even the most difficult, large enterprise and service provider class network automation projects.

Network Intelligent Workflows
Build automation workflows that encompass the capabilities of your existing tools. This enables automation of even the most complex network activities by integrating existing network automation tools and processes with the extended capabilities provided by Itential into network intelligent workflows.

Low-Code Development Interface and Intuitive UIs
Software engineers understand software development and network engineers understand the operation and maintenance of complex networks. Finding resources that understand both is all but impossible. Itential levels the playing field by providing a low-code automation environment that not only includes Itential specific capabilities, but also the functionality from the integrated Cisco tools.


Extend Cisco NSO Automation Capabilities with Itential

Itential has helped us accelerate our network automation initiatives and revolutionize our network engineering and operations processes. Using Itential in concert with Cisco’s Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) has greatly improved our ability to automate complex network maintenance and operations procedures. I’d highly recommend Itential to any organization looking to automate their Cisco-powered networks.

Senior Director, Major US Telecom Provider

Itential Use Cases for Cisco Networks


Device Management
Ensure new devices are deployed with consistent standards. Itential can push standard configurations, modify the existing configuration or audit existing configurations against standards.  You can even design custom workflows to integrate the new device with existing inventory and monitoring systems.


Network Upgrades
Roll out software upgrades or patches to your network devices in record time. Itential’s Operations Manager enables you define and execute standard upgrade processes and manage fallout requiring manual attention. Itential puts you in control of the upgrades to ensure success in this critical activity.


Compliance & Configuration Drift
Audit, manage and correct configuration drift across your network. From a basic configuration “comparison and correction” to workflows that cross-reference existing IT and Billing systems, Itential enables you to define your standards and manage exceptions found in the network.


Load Balancer Automaton
Connect your Endpoints with your IPAM provisioning systems.  Itential allows you to ensure updates are sent to your load balancers automatically as IP addresses are assigned and released in associated systems.


Automated Network Operations
Manage repeatable maintenance procedures with Itential’s Operations Manager. Itential allows you to define and execute regular maintenance activities in the network, integrating with other systems such as ITSM ad order management systems that are typically ignored in traditional network automation.


End-to-End Customer Provisioning Automation
Itential enables the customer activation process to span both IT and Network systems. Itential’s workflows can configure monitoring and testing of new services, basic service provisioning, and enforce auditing of the network changes once complete.

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