Itential Network Automation Use Cases

Automate any network operations use case for both enterprise and service providers.

Automations that Extend Across All Network Domains

As networks become more complex, the activities necessary to maintain and grow them become exponentially more difficult and time-consuming. The upgrade, migration and provisioning of new network elements in an efficient and compliant form is a must. Network automation is required to accelerate the move toward software-driven networks and next generation, agile networks.

From basic network operations and configuration through service lifecycle and policy management, Itential provides automation across all network domains from Cloud, IP Services, Network Applications, Branch/SD-WAN, Data Center, Optical Services, 5G, Wireless, and more.

Below are a number of use cases leveraging the power of automation with Itential.

  • Software Upgrade
  • SD-WAN Branch Management
  • Golden Configuration Compliance
  • DNS Updates
  • Load Balancing
  • Firewall Configuration Change
  • Virtual Private Cloud Networking
  • VLAN
  • Device Onboarding
  • Firewall Policy Management
  • 5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)

Automate Software Upgrades

Regular software upgrades are required to maintain the operation of network devices. It is important that this process be efficient, accurate and repeatable in order to avoid vulnerabilities from out-of-date software on devices that can put the entire company at risk for an outage or intrusion. Due to the effort it takes manually, software upgrades tend to happen only once/twice a year.

By using automation to replace 100+ operational tasks, organizations can perform these upgrades in real-time to reduce upgrade time from 5 days to 2 hours, reducing over 2,300+ hours of human effort.

U.S. Telecommunications Giant Accelerates Router Upgrades by 4,400% with Itential

Itential Pre-Built Automation for Software Upgrades
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Automate SD-WAN Branch Management

SD-WAN technology has provided organizations the ability to reduce costs and provide greater levels of performance to branch locations and remote locations. A large part of the success of SD-WAN is the ability to configure and manage the branch devices through a cloud-connected controller over an Internet connection. However, while SD-WAN is good at automating within its domain, there are many other systems and services that must be involved in a large, successful SD-WAN deployment, and the SD-WAN solution is not built to automate across multiple domains or functions like ITSM, IPAM, and even Cloud services.

By leveraging an automation solution, such as Itential, that can integrate multiple domains under a comprehensive end-to-end approach, organizations can reduce the time it takes to deploy and manage SD-WAN from 17 days to 6 days, resulting in over 3,000 hours saved on branch management.

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Itential Pre-Built Automation for SD-WAN Branch Management
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Simplify SD-WAN & Multi-Cloud Deployments with Intelligent Network Automation
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Automate Golden Configuration Compliance

Compliance of configuration in the network is critical for the purposes of network performance and security. It is important to define a standard for each type of device in the network, be able to audit deployed devices against this standard, provide a compliance report with scoring of each device and its adherence to the standard, and allow for automated remediation of any discrepancies found. Network engineers who manually check network devices for configuration compliance spend an average of 5 minutes per device and another 7 minutes to remediate the device if it is out of compliance.

When automating the overall process, from opening an IT ticket to the completion of the configuration check and remediation, Itential automation can reduce the time to complete from 5 days to 6 hours.

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Day 0 to Day N Configuration of Modern Networks
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Automate Network Configuration & Compliance Management with Itential
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Automate DNS Updates

DNS management requires the maintenance and updating of Domain Name System (DNS) records such as host names, IP address, and zones. This is essential as business websites rely on multiple servers managing services and out of date, incorrect, or slow manual migrations causes outages to these desired services. Not staying up to speed with DNS records leaves businesses vulnerable to duplicating records, incorrect resource assignments, and missing critical security updates. These issues are time consuming and complicated to resolve, involving cross team cooperation and ultimately costing businesses additional overhead costs. By automating DNS updates, eliminate manual errors and tie together a holistic, safe guarded operational process.

By automating DNS management with Itential, organizations can reduce deployment time from 7 days to 5 minutes.

Automate Load Balancing

Load balancer management includes the configuration of load balancing rules, virtual IPs (VIP), creation of load balancer pools, and the onboarding of new servers or devices. Load balancing is critical for businesses to efficiently distribute incoming network traffic and respond to failover, ensuring reliability of services. It is also important for the cloud networking VIPs to be properly assigned and integrated to the network in order to be utilized. Neglecting load balancer management leads to performance issues for customer facing and internal services.

By automating load balancer management, organizations can reduce inconsistencies and cycle times while improving customer retention and satisfaction and expect to see an 95% time savings and increased throughput capacity.

British Bank Teams with Itential to Reduce Years of Load Balancer Migrations to Months
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Automate Firewall Configuration Change

Firewall configuration changes include the validation, management, and configuration of policy rules across the network. Accurately maintaining and updating organizations’ policies across the network is critical for avoiding network outages and adhering to security and audit requirements. Stale or incorrect firewall configurations can lead to long maintenance windows and network outages. Automated validations of firewall configurations provide safety to changes ensuring zero downtime and reducing maintenance windows tremendously.

By taking an automated approach to firewall configuration changes, organizations can see an 80%+ increase in accuracy and mitigating down time.

Automate Virtual Private Cloud Networking

Private Cloud Networking encompasses provisioning the cloud infrastructure with configuration of the subnets, route tables, internet gateways, ACLs, and security access groups. As businesses continue to expand or migrate towards leveraging cloud infrastructure, private cloud networking provides self-service, customizable controls for application performance, and security policies. Without automating cloud networking, businesses will not have full control over security settings such as routing policies and application performance can suffer due to excess congestion outside of a private network.

By automating the provisioning and management of private cloud networking organizations can enable faster deployments, mitigates risks of configuration errors, and provides an audit of changes.

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AWS VPC Route Management
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Automate VLAN

Because of virtualization, the Data Center has moved from a static environment to a very dynamic one. As applications and workloads grow, shrink, and shift based on client demands, the network team must also make changes to the VLAN configuration on their devices to match these changes. When these changes require human intervention, it can delay the entire process, from days to weeks, and ultimately impact their customer’s ability to use the application.

With Itential automating the VLAN changes to the Data Center network in coordination with workload and application changes, organizations can reduce the end to end automation process from 7 days to 5 minutes.

Automate Device Onboarding

Device Onboarding requires consistent application of standard configurations in an automated process to meet the quality goals of most network operators. Itential provides automated processes for the application of Day 0 configurations for network connectivity, Day 1 configurations for operational settings, and management of device configuration over time.

By leveraging Itential to automate device onboarding, organizations can turn a 45-day customer onboarding process into a 2-day process, resulting in 100+ new paying customers per month.

Itential Automates Router Provisioning for Major U.S. Communications Company to Accelerate New Customer On-Boarding and Revenues
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Automate Firewall Policy Management

Firewall policy management includes the continuous monitoring and maintaining compliance of policy rules across the network. Accurately maintaining and updating organizations’ policies across their network is critical for avoiding network outages and adhering to security and audit requirements. Complex networks require a significant time investment to manually ensure, monitor and update policies. Constant change of requirements outpaces the time it takes to discover and remedy out of compliance policies due to disconnect of business process from the systems and activities required to manage policies.

Automation across business systems and policy management tools greatly reduces labor efforts and cycle times from days to just minutes. This instills greater trust in the accuracy level of rule placement and reduces the need for maintenance windows tremendously.

Automate 5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)

As cloud intelligence gets pushed to the edge and 5G expands both the capacity and accessibility of broadband and low-latency mobile services, network operators and how they have traditionally managed, provisioned, configured and operated their network infrastructure will be shifting away from manual efforts and toward automation. By automating, network operators can scale their deployment capabilities to meet on-demand requirements of low-latency MEC applications such as business analytics and AI.

Though automation, orchestration, and deployment of new MEC sites, Itential’s Automation Platform enables networking teams to move away from manual configuration and orchestration of infrastructure components, saving time and money.

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Jumpstart Your Use Cases with Itential’s Pre-Built Automations

Itential provides a number of pre-built automations that customers can leverage to rapidly adopt network automation for specific use cases. These automations are packaged and self-contained, and include all the relevant documentations, files, scripts, dependencies, and logical components that are needed to execute the automation such as workflows, forms, Golden Configuration tree, command templates and more. With Itential’s pre-built automations, organizations can start fast, onboard automation principles quickly and stay fast, mitigating manual management and reducing errors.


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