Itential Network Automation Use Cases

Automate the management of network devices, configuration, orchestration and more.

Automations that Extend Across All Network Domains

From basic network operations and configuration through service orchestration, Itential’s Automation Platform manages across Cloud, IP Services, Network Applications, Branch/SD-WAN, Data Center, Optical Services, Wireless, and more.

Service Provider and Enterprise network operators have needs in each of the network domains. These needs vary based on the type of service provider or the vertical within which an enterprise operates. Regardless of the need and network domain Itential provides automation solutions for any network engineering or operations procedure, ending the need for manual changes and accelerating the journey toward an automated future.

Network Operations

As networks become more complex, the activities necessary to maintain and grow them become exponentially more difficult and time-consuming.  Scripts can ease the burden but become unmanageable as the number of use cases increases and processes become more complex.

Within the Network Operations category there are three main groupings of activity: Configuration Changes, Service Assurance, and Software Upgrades. Each of these have specific use cases supported by the Itential Automation Platform, as shown in the examples below:

  • Configuration Change
  • Service Assurance
  • Software Upgrade

Common activities that occur on a daily basis are Configuration Changes to devices in the network. Automation of this activity is important in order to remove human error from the process of modifying configuration on devices. Itential provides a low-code environment for defining the process of completing each of these use cases in an automated manner.

  • Virtual Device Port Turn-Up
  • Router ACL Rules
  • Router Port Turn-Up
  • BGP Route Config
  • Firewall IP Route Automation
  • Load Balancer GTM/LTM
  • Port Turn-Up
  • Switch Fabric
  • Node Turn-Up
  • Line Card
  • PCRF
  • QoS

Service Assurance is focused on maintaining the operational efficiency and health of the network and its devices. In order to maintain network quality for performance and availability it is vital to automate assurance activities. Itential provides cross domain automation supporting existing network assurance systems.

  • Scaling VNFs
  • Router Traffic Failover
  • Switch Traffic Failover
  • Route Reflector Traffic Failover
  • Blocking Identified Hostile IP Address Traffic
  • Service Monitoring
  • Top of Rack Switch Traffic Failover
  • CLOS Fabric
  • Transport Controller Monitoring
  • Optics Performance Monitoring
  • Packet Core
  • WiFi Controller

Regular Software Upgrades are required to maintain operation of network devices. It is important that this process be efficient, accurate and repeatable in order to avoid network vulnerabilities from out of date software on devices. Itential provides an automated, repeatable process for accomplishing the use cases in this category, including roll back to the previous version if issues are encountered during the upgrade.

  • VNF Swap
  • Router Upgrade
  • Switch Upgrade
  • Route Reflector
  • Load Balancer
  • Firewall
  • uCPE
  • Top of Rack Switch
  • End of Row Switches
  • Fiber Node
  • Optical SMU
  • pGW
  • sGW

Configuration & Compliance

Configuration Management is one of the most important activities owned by network operations for service providers and enterprises. Activities including turn up of network devices, migration of devices, replacement of devices, or auditing and remediation of compliance to a defined standard Itential provides a solution for automation that ensures efficiency and quality.

Within the Configuration category there are three main groupings of activity: Device Turn Up, Compliance and Device Migration. Each of these have specific use cases supported by the Itential Automation Platform, as shown in the examples below:

  • Device Turn Up
  • Compliance
  • Device Migration

Device Turn Up requires consistent application of standard configurations in an automated process to meet the quality goals of most network operators. Itential provides automated processes for the application of Day 0 configurations for network connectivity, Day 1 configurations for operational settings, and management of device configuration over time.

  • New VNF
  • Router
  • Switch
  • Router Reflector
  • Load Balancer
  • Firewall
  • uCPE
  • Top of Rack Switch
  • End of Row Switch
  • Fiber Node
  • Optical SMU
  • pGW
  • sGW

Compliance of configuration in the network is important for the purposes of network performance and security. It is important to define a standard for each type of device in the network, be able to audit deployed devices against this standard, provide a compliance report with scoring of each device and its adherence to the standard, and allow for automated remediation of discrepancies found. Itential provides this capability to be executed as part of a larger automation or as a stand-alone process.

  • Virtual Config Drift
  • Router Config Drift
  • Switch Config Drift
  • Load Balancer Config Drift
  • Firewall Config Drift
  • uCPE Config Drift
  • End of Row Config Drift
  • Fiber Node Config Drift
  • Optical Switch Config Drift
  • pGW
  • sGW

Device Migration occurs as network elements are moved and reconfigured in the network to provide increased capacity, resolution of issues, or recovery of devices for redeployment in other areas of the network. This is important both for network quality and assurance and for efficient management of device assets to drive down operational costs. Itential provides automation to efficiently provide for device migration.

  • VNF Swap
  • Router HW Replacement
  • Switch HW Replacement
  • Route Reflector Replacement
  • Load Balancer Replacement
  • Firewall Replacement
  • uCPE
  • End of Row Replacement
  • Fiber Node Replacement
  • Optical Switch Replacement
  • pGW Replacement
  • sGW Replacement

Service Lifecycle

Service Lifecycle is all about managing services in the network. Coordinating resources, keeping change management and ITSM solutions up to date, and negotiating the handoffs between various organizations are all activities that should be orchestrated to minimize human interaction with those systems to improve cycle time and quality of the end result.  Regardless of whether the services are traditional MEF connectivity such as ELAN and ETREE, Direct Internet Access, power meter configuration, or zero ratings, Itential can automate the operational processes around the deployment of services into the network including managing the coordination with support systems.

Within the Service Lifecycle category there are two main groupings of activity: Lifecycle Management and Service Migration. Each of these have specific use cases supported by the Itential Automation Platform, as shown in the examples below:

  • Lifecycle Management
  • Service Migration

Lifecycle Management involves the provisioning, modification, and removal of services from the network. As networks become more dynamic it is important for services to be managed using a model-based approach. Itential works with industry leading service orchestrators and controllers to provide model-based service lifecycle management designed for the modern network.

  • Service Chaining
  • L2VPN
  • L3VPN
  • Router Reflector Peer Selection
  • DNS
  • Nodes and Members
  • Data
  • EVPN
  • Optical Channel Circuits
  • WAN Links
  • LTE
  • CDMA

Service Migration involves the movement of services in the network. This is critical activity because as devices are replaced or decommissioned the services traversing those devices must migrate to other devices in order to remain operational. Itential provides a model-based automation for removing services from the old device, moving it to the new device, and update any involved ITSM and other management systems with the changes made.

  • VNF Swap
  • L2VPN to New CPE
  • DNS
  • Node Replacement
  • Data
  • Fabric
  • Node Replacement
  • Optical Service Channels
  • RAN Backhaul

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