On-Demand Webinar

Stop Ignoring and Start Automating: How to Rethink your Approach

How Current Automation Efforts are Incomplete & How to Rethink Your Approach

As companies have built network automation over the years, and networks grow more sophisticated, the idea that “if I write a script, then it is automated,” becomes more and more inaccurate. This has resulted in companies spending exorbitant amounts of time, money and resources on siloed automations across disparate domains with little to show for the cost incurred.

The root cause is that the automation of CLI commands only addresses about 5-20% of the effort involved in a network maintenance activity, depending on the activity being considered. The CLI commands may have been automated, but what most operators fail to address through automation are the surrounding activities and steps involved before and after that the real benefit of automation is achieved.

In this on-demand webinar, uncover:

  • The hidden costs and effort in a typical network automation activity
  • How to expand thinking on what can and should be automated for maximum benefit, beyond just happy path scenarios
  • How to expand automation capabilities across IT, Networking and DevOps for true end-to-end network automation


Idaliz Baez
Technical Marketing Engineer

Anand Sanghani
Senior Solutions Architect