Integrating ServiceNow CMDB as a Source Of Truth to Drive Network Automation with Itential

Are you manually populating network device inventory details through the ServiceNow GUI? What you need is an automated solution that can communicate with the network, capture data from it, transform that data, and pass it to ServiceNow to update the inventory.

Explore how to integrate Itential automations with ServiceNow using APIs in order to create a new inventory table and populate it with details from the live network, which creates the opportunity to utilize ServiceNow as a source of truth for network inventory.

Watch this live demo to see how to:

  • Create a new inventory table in ServiceNow and define necessary fields.
  • Use Itential to create an automation to query network devices.
  • Expand the workflow to populate and inventory table in ServiceNow.
  • Query ServiceNow as a source of truth for network inventory.

Demo Notes

(So you can skip ahead, if you want.)

00:00 Demo Overview
04:35 ServiceNow Tables & Columns
13:28 Automate CLI Show Commands
27:03 Automate Data Transformation
40:52 Automate ServiceNow Inventory Update
51:48 Testing the Workflow
54:51 Automate a Group of Devices
58:46 Automate Queries to ServiceNow Inventory