Itential Automation Platform Architecture

Designed to automate networks of any size, type, and complexity.

Itential Architecture Overview

The Itential Automation Platform integrates with your existing IT systems and federates their data and logic, creating a unified view for easily automating multi-domain network environments. Our intelligence engine provides a robust model for consuming the aggregated data from existing tools and applying the business logic involved in network automation. Itential does not create copies of data, allowing your systems of record and their data to serve as the source of truth mitigating data quality issues and manual fallout errors. Automation is implemented through micro-services that are exposed through an open API to northbound systems enabling network specific actions to be triggered and managed via the Itential Automation Platform. By extracting the complexity associated with managing multiple systems and data models, the Itential Automation Platform enables anyone to drive automation.

Platform Components


  • Management Applications
  • Automation Studio
  • Intelligence Engine

The application layer provides a user interface to manage interactions and additional business logic above the pre-built capabilities in the platform. Itential’s management applications enable automation across network operations, configuration and service lifecycle and policy management.

Automation Studio enables users to rapidly design and build automations, templates, and forms that are used in network automation. Users can also leverage Pre-Built Automations for common use cases that can be customized to fit your business. Itential’s low-code development environment enables network engineers to easily drag-and-drop forms and pre-built templates to create network automation workflows.

The intelligence engine supports execution of service changes/adds, migration of services across versions, automation of common operations activities, monitoring and management of compliance across all network components and configurations (services, devices, versioning of configurations, maintenance, etc.), and more.


  • Brokers
  • Adapters
  • Itential Automation Gateway

The broker layer ensures consistency in data models between various adapters and creates a unified federated view of resources and data provided from controllers, network orchestrators, and other network management systems.

Itential’s Adapters provide integration with any 3rd party API (REST, SOAP, etc.) in an efficient and standardized manner. Many adapters can exist for a common broker. For example, the device broker may have multiple adapters for NSO, ServiceNow, Ansible Tower, and others where it federates the data returned for a common view within the platform. Users can leverage Itential’s Pre-Built Adapters or can build their own custom adapter using the Itential Adapter Builder.

Itential Automation Gateway is a standalone application that provides advanced functionality to manage and enhance all types of Scripts (Perl, Python, C, etc.), Red Hat Ansible artifacts, and Terraform Plans for use in network automation projects. Itential’s Automation Gateway leverages existing investments and expands automation efforts by providing a set of standardized APIs as a front-end to existing Scripts, Ansible, and Terraform artifacts.

Developer Resources


Itential’s Developer Hub provides powerful tools for rapid development and deployment of network automation with the Itential Automation Platform. It features our latest developer tools, resources, and open source projects that make it easy to start accelerating network automation across your organization.

By applying CI/CD principles to the network, network engineers and software developers alike are able to treat their network infrastructure as code. By utilizing software principles to manage network configuration through Itential’s NetOps Git Pipeline, DevOps and NetOps teams are enabled to advance automation and agile network operations through a build, test, validate, and deploy pipeline.

Itential’s API Services help customers embrace Network Infrastructure as Code methodologies and align with traditional software engineering practices, while staying flexible enough for customers no matter their level of automation. By enabling NetDevOps teams to adopt CI/CD pipelines with the ability to build, test, validate and deploy changes before they are made to the network, organizations can greatly improve velocity and quality while catching errors for a continuous improvement methodology.

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