Automate Network Operations With Itential

Manage routine network tasks with intelligent automation.

Network Operations Use Cases

There are many complexities involved with today’s networks and services, especially because of the adoption of cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications that require disparate tools and technologies. Network maintenance tasks are a core component to network management and are frequently overlooked in the end-to-end automation process.

Here are some common network operations tasks that organizations are automating across their network:

  • Device Maintenance & Configuration Management

Manage and configure devices and create back up configurations – virtual device port turn-up, router port turn-up, node turn-up, etc.

  • Service Assurance

Apply policies and processes to ensure that services meet a pre-defined service quality level by collecting and reviewing performance reports for various systems to predict future issues or outages, and providing timely response to all incidents, outages and performance issues – service and transport controller monitoring.

  • Software Upgrades

Upgrade software to the new version, install patches, execute scripts, and transfer the software and configuration to the devices – router, switch, load balancer, firewall, fiber nodes, and more.

  • Failure Response

Categorize issues for escalation to appropriate technical teams, remediate device configurations and restore backups – router and switch traffic failover.

Automation Benefits With Itential

Integrate With Any System

Connect to any system in your IT ecosystem that offers an API endpoint, dynamically discover functionalities of integrated systems, and consolidate and extend the capabilities of individual network automation tools.

Increase Business Agility

Develop operational models and network intelligent workflows that improve time-to-market, by accelerating the deployment of new devices and services, testing new applications, and fixing problems.

Higher Levels of Service

By removing or drastically reducing the chance for human errors, companies can offer and deliver a higher level of services with more consistency.

Unified Network View

Gain more visibility into the network and understand precisely what is happening in your network with the ability to control and adapt as needed with a single pane of glass view.

Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule automations during assigned maintenance windows, reducing downtime during production hours. Manage long-term maintenance tasks more efficiently with predictable lead times for change requests.

Proactive Approach

The frequency and quantity of problems get reduced and addressed more efficiently resulting in reduced network downtime, better alignment with business objectives, and improved cost-effectiveness.

Itential Automation Platform Capabilities

Network Operations Workflows

Itential Automation Platform’s workflows provide a graphical user interface for arranging and connecting tasks in a logical order to define operations and maintenance processes. The workflow functionality is delivered through a low-code environment with drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to build repeatable workflows rapidly that can be standardized and centralized for maximum network control.

Automate operations tasks at your own pace with pass, fail, and revert options. Add manual tasks where needed to workflows. Know the status of your completed and running workflows at any given point.

Automated Activities to Run Network Health Checks

Build and execute automated operational activities that provide the ability to run network health checks by collecting and evaluating operational data from the network. This maximizes the likelihood that a maintenance activity is successful by inspecting the operational state of network devices and evaluating measured statistics. Evaluations are performed prior to making any device changes to be sure an incident, outage, or conflicting maintenance event is not active. Post change evaluations such as pass/fail evaluations, rule severities and variable processing, are conducted to make sure device changes took effect as intended.

Implement any number of checks and balances for peace of mind.

Device Management

Itential streamlines device management by enabling you to manage all the devices in your organization from a single location. Devices visually presented to users are available from southbound systems registered through the Itential Automation Platform. Itential dynamically discovers and analyzes the devices, providing multiple details for each device which can be filtered, sorted and easily modified. Experience a consolidated view of all devices from your deployments.

Get a holistic view of your entire network from a single location. Eliminate duplicating tasks and efforts in a multi-domain environment.

Batch Device Maintenance Automation

Itential Automation Platform enables you to create Device Groups that are a collective association of device IDs that are registered on the platform. API calls can use these device groups in various operations and maintenance workflows. Users can easily modify existing Device Groups or create new ones, which get added to the searchable list and become eligible for batch actions. Device Groups can be accessed and leveraged by any system that integrates with Itential.

Logical grouping of devices further streamlines executing operational and maintenance tasks involving these devices.

Device Backup Management

Itential Automation Platform enables you to easily create device configuration backups. Users can view all the backups that have been created for various devices on the platform, utilize the filter and sort functions to organize device lists/views, and execute batch deletion actions. Users can compare the difference in live configurations of multiple devices, and up to two past backup configurations of one or multiple devices. The various configuration comparison combinations enable users to easily identify and quickly rectify errors or problems.

Easily maintain compliance with multiple rollback options.

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