Automate Network Configuration with Itential

Simplify and automate the management of network device configurations, through compliance, audit & remediation.


Network Configuration Use Cases

Network configuration and change management has primarily been a labor-intensive, manual process involving remote access to individual devices, and typing commands into vendor-specific command-line interfaces (CLI) that increase the possibility and scope for human error. However, the need for an agile network, and corporate audit and compliance requirements have forced enterprises to rethink this manual approach, causing network engineers to automate network configuration and compliance tasks.

The following are some common network configuration and compliance use cases that can be automated:

  • Automating Regular Network Config Tasks During Maintenance Windows

Device discovery and management, bulk configuration updates, compiling change history records, configuration backups, remediation of out-of-compliance devices via rollback, and more

  • Centralizing and Consolidating Authorization and Authentication

Role-based access, categorize network actions and user activity logging

  • Tracking & Documenting Configuration Changes for Troubleshooting & Auditing

Standardize processes and procedures, configuration backups, maintain device configuration versions, compare version config drift, change history logging, and more

  • Standardizing & Maintaining Default Configurations for all Major Device Classes

Maintain configuration templates, standardized reconciliation procedures, consolidated view of network components and configuration, etc.

Automation Benefits with Itential

Streamline Configuration Management

Itential implements golden configuration in a tree structure that propagates root configurations to child nodes. Only manage a single golden config, instead of multiple base configs or templates at a controller/domain level for multiple device classes.

Reduce Scope of Human Errors

By eliminating users typing vendor-specific CLI commands to configure devices, and providing users native device configuration specs to remediate, Itential removes or drastically reduces the chance for human errors.

Increase Business Agility

Implement network configuration changes and common network-related configuration tasks rapidly with Itential’s configuration management by replacing manual processes and managing multiple configuration templates for different device classes.

Higher Levels of Service

Itential provides flexible config drift remediation options to maintain device compliance levels above a certain score level that is provided by the platform. Schedule automations to remediate compliance drift for a specific time, maintaining complete compliance at all times.

Unified Network Devices View

Itential provides a unified view of all devices from your network. Assign these devices to the relevant nodes in your golden configuration tree and apply configurations to individual or groups of devices.

Make Informed Decisions

Robust compliance analytics provided at the tree, node and device level allow you to make informed remediation decisions about your network devices at all times.

See Configuration Manager in Action

Watch this demo of the Itential’s Configuration Manager application to see how to manage devices and their configurations, define Golden Configurations and schedule compliance reports for informed remediation decisions.

Itential’s Configuration Manager Capabilities

The Configuration Manager application in the Itential Automation Platform provides comprehensive device configuration and management functionalities:

Define & Manage Golden Configuration

Mitigate config drift by easily defining the base configuration or “Golden Configuration” of devices deployed in your network. With Itential’s tree-based, parent-child configuration inheritance, device configuration management is streamlined and centralized across your entire network, eliminating errors generated by managing multiple templates at the domain/controller level.

Golden Configuration propagates root configurations to child nodes. Configurations are derived from the parent node and users can write or copy native device configuration onto nodes. It also provides a compliance engine which enables the user to review and fix errors generated from mismatched configurations between the base configuration and the actual live configuration of the device(s).

Robust Device Compliance Analytics

Configuration Manager provides a consolidated dashboard that provides you complete insight into the compliance level of all your devices on the network, so you can quickly identify the top issues to remediate.

The dashboard provides the compliance level of all your devices on the network and the top issues to remediate at the tree and node level. Users can easily drill down to the nodes that are out compliance and view the device compliance analytics (compliance score, errors, warnings, etc.) to identify the individual or group of devices that require remediation.

Zero-touch, Score-Based Remediation of Configuration Drift

The Configuration Manager provides a compliance score for devices in your network based on their configuration drift. You can remediate device configurations based on the compliance score manually or by scheduling a zero-touch remediation workflow.

You can manually run compliance remediation on the required devices after rectifying the errors/warnings or you can schedule zero-touch remediation automation through a workflow. Built-in fallout ensures all compliance criteria is met before the automation is executed. If even one criterion fails, the workflow will abort the execution.

Simplify Device Configuration Audits

Increase efficiency and reduce errors by eliminating side-by-side device configuration comparisons via excel or text files. Configuration Manager provides users complete control over their network devices and simplifies the compliance audit process by providing users a detailed current and historical compliance score and configuration drift details for each device.

Users have the flexibility to make configuration changes at the tree, node, and device level. They can view device compliance scores and compliance details that report the total configuration lines, passed lines, errors and warnings and more. Lines with errors/warnings can easily be audited and users can also drill down into the devices’ compliance and remediation history details if needed. Users view and edit native device configuration specs, and can choose to view the variables, inherited configuration or only rules. A backup is automatically created when audit changes are applied to a device configuration.

Flexible & Streamlined Device Management Capabilities

Reduce device management complexity in multi domain environments, and human errors associated with the legacy way of managing and comparing device configurations. Itential’s flexible and streamlined device management capabilities allows users to manage any southbound device on their network in an interactive manner using our intuitive UI.

Configuration Manager allows users to manage any southbound device and configurations on their networks in an interactive manner. Users can view and modify devices in deployments across their organization, manage groups of devices, backup devices, and compare backup configurations of devices in multiple combinations.

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