Itential Introduces Data Transformation Capabilities, Further Simplifying and Accelerating Multi-Domain Network Automation

Itential expands its out of the box, pre-built capabilities to include data transformations, that enable network teams to rapidly integrate and transform data between any IT, OSS, cloud, and network technology to drive end-to-end network automation

ATLANTA, July 14, 2020 /PR Web/ — Itential, the leader in intelligent, multi-domain network automation, today announced the expansion of its out of the box, pre-built capabilities to include data transformations, which further simplifies and accelerates automation across complex, distributed multi-vendor networks. The debut of Pre-Built Transformations enables network teams to rapidly integrate and transform data between any IT, OSS, cloud, and network technology in real time.

“Today’s networks are becoming inherently more complex, with a different combination of tools, devices, and orchestrators for each application domain. In order to scale network automation, organizations need a way to manage the data from these various systems that is simple, predictable, and repeatable,” said Chris Wade, CTO Itential. “With Itential’s integration and transformation capabilities, customers can take services that traverse different network application domains and stitch them together under a common data model to provide a unified network API that simplifies and accelerates end-to-end network automation.”

Data transformations extend the power of Itential’s Pre-Built Collection, which includes Integrations to over 100 different IT and network systems, Automations for every use case, and now with Transformations, provides capabilities to manipulate and transform data for use within the Itential Automation Platform. Itential’s robust data integration and transformation capabilities enable network teams to focus on expanding automation efforts across multi-domain networks to enable greater network agility in support of current and future digital business requirements. These new features within the Itential Automation Platform provide:

  • Automatic translation and manipulation of data between objects in real time, dramatically simplifying the building and running of automation workflows.
  • Transformations that can be auto discovered when building automations and are customizable and re-usable, ensuring consistency across automation projects.
  • Drag-and-drop transformations within Itential’s Automation Studio for easily designing and visualizing automation workflows.
  • A way for customers to not only develop automations much more intuitively, but better share and understand automations others have built, expand the amount of integrations possible, and further increase automation participation.

Additionally, Itential has released JST Designer (JSON Schema Transformation), an open web service available on its Developer Hub that enables anyone to build their own data transformations and upload within the Itential Automation Platform (IAP) as a Pre-Built Transformation.

Furthermore, Itential’s latest release (IAP 2020.1) also includes expanded functionality of Automation Gateway to include native Terraform support. Users can now transform Terraform Configurations into APIs for use in network automation workflows within the Itential Automation Platform. Automation Gateway can now execute Terraform operations (plan, validate, refresh, apply, and destroy) further enabling network teams to take advantage of Terraform’s Infrastructure as Code concepts and apply them to public cloud or on-premises network infrastructure.

To learn more about Itential’s integration, federation, and automation capabilities, register for Itential’s upcoming live webinar, “Integration & Federation: The Key to the Next Wave of Network Automation.” For more information visit or follow us on twitter, @itential.

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