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Why Holistic Infrastructure Automation is Key for Future-Fit Organizations

Kristen H. Rachels

Chief Marketing Officer ‐ Itential

Why Holistic Infrastructure Automation is Key for Future-Fit Organizations
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Posted on January 9, 2023

We’re kicking off 2023 with another great milestone for Itential and the impact our automation solutions are making for our customers – Itential’s inclusion in a new report from Forrester, “Infrastructure Automation Landscape.” You can download a complimentary copy of the report here.

We’re thrilled to be able to share this report—and not just because Itential is named a notable vendor alongside some fast-rising innovators and industry heavyweights. Forrester’s careful attention to infrastructure automation is a signal that the market has matured, broadened, and scaled to a point where, as the report states, “future-fit firms can no longer operate without holistic infrastructure automation tools.”


“Today’s firms face unprecedented demand for speed, agility, and resilience, and tech execs at future-fit companies share accountability for customer and business outcomes. The complexity of tech operations increases exponentially as organizations mature from traditional to modern to future-fit. This makes tech ops automation a foundational capability for moving beyond a traditional strategy. To be future-fit, organizations need to invest in holistic and comprehensive infrastructure automation technologies.”

In the report, Forrester notes that technology leaders implement infrastructure automation to “go to market faster and optimize return on investment; improve productivity; and ensure large-scale compliance.” However, the heterogeneity of today’s technology, lack of skills, and complexity associated with existing automation tools makes broad adoption of automation difficult. That’s why organizations are looking to holistic automation tools to tackle these challenges. Infrastructure automation has become a fundamental priority to efficiently transform network and infrastructure activities into self-serve, application-driven outcomes.

The Itential Advantage

Itential takes a fundamentally unique approach to infrastructure orchestration. Our platform is designed to enable IT, applications, and network teams to simplify and accelerate the end-to-end automation of infrastructure. By providing customers with a low-code environment, teams are enabled to automate provisioning, deployment, configuration, and compliance. With a focus on integration, Itential delivers powerful self-service infrastructure orchestration that can adapt to changing business needs and scale with growth. Teams can rapidly build and deploy end-to-end automations and orchestrations without having to re-train or re-skill, giving all of IT a unified structure from which to approach challenges and adaptations.

The rapid, agile, and scalable power of Itential enables the world’s largest companies to use our automation and orchestration capabilities to deliver services faster, simplify network and infrastructure change management, and maintain security with standardized configuration and compliance. Our strength in integration allows our customers more freedom in choosing different services, tools, and vendors in their infrastructure ecosystem, safe in the knowledge that Itential can integrate with any solution they choose. To make automation work as intended, orchestration capabilities and flexible integration are key—Itential provides our customers with the tools to simplify and accelerate their journey from manual IT processes to self-service automation, operationalizing infrastructure automation at scale.

To build for success, organizations need to look years into the future. As each branch of IT grows more complex and invests in its own set of disparate automation tools, and business relies increasingly on the historically lagging but rapidly expanding network, future-fit organizations will identify the need to integrate and unify automation across the infrastructure ecosystem. Forrester’s assertion that investment is needed in “holistic and comprehensive infrastructure automation” is a key insight for leaders looking to see worthwhile returns. With Itential, organizations can see greater value, efficiency, scalability, and security, taking advantage of a comprehensive solution that ties together every disparate element of their complex infrastructure in a single, intuitive, fully integrated application.

You can learn more about Itential’s solution for IT infrastructure automation here or download your complimentary copy of Forrester’s “Infrastructure Automation Landscape” here.

Forrester: The Infrastructure Automation Landscape Download Now
Kristen H. Rachels

Chief Marketing Officer ‐ Itential

Kristen serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Itential, leading their go-to-market strategy and execution to accelerate the adoption and expansion of the company’s products and services.

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