The Infrastructure Automation Landscape, Q4 2022

Enterprise IT departments are quickly adopting a multitude of technologies to meet their critical business demands, which has led to an explosion of deployments across multiple-cloud platforms, cloud-based services, and traditional on-prem solutions. The Forrester report, The Infrastructure Automation Landscape, Q4 2022 states that “future-fit firms can no longer operate without holistic infrastructure automation tools” and that “Today’s firms face unprecedented demand for speed, agility, and resilience.”

However, the heterogeneity of technology, lack of skills, and complexity associated with existing automation tools has so far made broad adoption of automation difficult.


The rising complexity of tech operations “makes tech ops automation a foundational capability for moving beyond a traditional strategy. To be future-fit, organizations need to invest in holistic and comprehensive infrastructure automation technologies.”

Tech leaders can download the complimentary report to understand: 

  • The business value you can expect from implementing infrastructure automation.
  • The various lifecycle stages where infrastructure owners apply automation.
  • Infrastructure automation maturity and key market dynamics.
  • 20 notable vendors within the infrastructure automation market, including Itential.