Itential Workflow Designer Training

Overview & Agenda

Attendees will work in an Itential system running on a remote virtual machine. Each attendee will be assigned his or her own virtual machine. Attendees will build, modify, review, and troubleshoot workflows. Attendees will learn how to locate relevant functions for workflow tasks, configure tasks, and assemble tasks together to construct an automated job.

Day One

  • Workflow Definition
    • Lab. Access Workflow Builder
    • Lab. Create new workflow with single automated task.
  • Job Manager
    • Lab. Job Manager
  • Variables.
  • Restricting manual tasks with Groups
    • Lab. Create new workflow by adding single manual task
  • Work Queue
    • Lab. View and manage task in Work Queue.
  • API
    • Lab. API
  • Form Builder
    • Lab. Add a form to collect service model data.
    • Lab. Scheduled Tasks
  • Task and Job Life Cycles
    • Lab. Job Management
  • Workflow Engine Operators

Day Two

  • Day 2 Kickoff
    • Lab. Split form
  • Job and Task States
    • Lab. Sync_Devices workflow
  • Query operator, jsonQuery
    • Lab. query and childJob operators
  • MOP
  • Why MOP?
  • Command Templates
  • Analytics Templates
    • Lab. MOP
  • PRE command template
  • POST command template
  • Analytics command template
    • Lab. Add PRE MOP Command Template to Workflow
    • Lab. Add POST MOP Command Template to workflow
    • Lab. Add MOP analytics template to workflow

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