Itential Support Training

Overview & Agenda

The Itential Support Training course introduces the Itential Network Automation Engine.  The course reviews the solutions benefits, how it is used to build network automation applications and workflows, and describes its architecture.

Day One

  • Itential Introduction
  • Customer Applications Overviews
  • First-Level Support
    • Identify problem, correct where possible, gather additional information, and escalate.
    • Review high-probability problem areas.
  • Multi-server Itential Architecture Review
  • System-level Labs
    • Single server setup.
    • Users and groups management.
    • Active Directory.
    • MongoDB tasks.
  • Second-Level Support
    • How to identify if OSS/BSS is cause.
    • How to identify if Itential is cause.
    • How to identify if NSO is cause.

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