Itential Developer Training

Overview & Agenda

The Itential Developer Training course introduces the Itential Network Automation Engine.

Attendees will learn through lectures and labs. Attendees will develop on a remote virtual machine with the Itential Application Server already installed. Each attendee will be assigned his or her own virtual machine. Attendees will build an application, adapter, and custom workflow to support automated customer service change orders for a fictitious company.

Day One

  • Course Overview
  • Setup training scenario
  • Itential architecture review
  • NSO service models
    • Lab: Study the L3VPN NSO service model to understand its keys, service instance names, parameters, data types, and expected or allowed values.
    • Lab: Build task to request a service dry run.

Day Two

  • Day 2 Kickoff
    • Lab: Build task to view dry run.
    • Lab: Build task to save service change.
  • Brokers and Adapters
    • Lab: Build Marble Adapter
    • Lab: Build method to query inventory broker.
    • Lab: Build method to query interface capacity.
    • Lab: Build method to evaluate requested against available capacity.
    • Lab: Add new methods as workflow tasks.
    • Persistence Broker
    • Lab: Brokers

Day Three

  • Day 3 Kickoff
    • Lab: Build task to initialize an order record.
    • Lab: Build task to update an order record status.
    • Lab: Add new methods as workflow tasks.
    • Lab: Build view to alert team about a job requiring attention.
    • Lab: Add new methods and views as workflow tasks.
    • Lab: System Test
  • How to build a UI to query persistence broker data and display report.
    • Lab: Retrieving Data for Application View
    • Lab: Build Reporting Application

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