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Tier 1 Service Provider Accelerates 5G Deployments by 75% through Backhaul Network Automation & Orchestration with Itential

The Need to Accelerate 5G Deployment

In today’s connected world, communications service providers (CSP) across the globe are on a race to 5G. The promise is high, but the reality is that it’s a complicated endeavor if not done right. A top Tier 1 global wireless service provider needed to accelerate their 5G network deployment by introducing a new vendor to support advanced 5G capabilities and to accelerate the deployment of 5G cell site routers, an essential component of their 5G architecture.

IP Backhaul Router Automation with Itential

This service provider looked at multiple options including Cisco NSO, Cienna Blue Planet, and custom internal IT development to support the deployment and configuration lifecycle of the new and existing cell site router infrastructure. However, none of these solutions were able to provide the level of flexibility and integration needed to accelerate their 5G deployment.

They selected Itential due to our significant advantages in efficiency, ease of use, and speed to deploy new services. By leveraging the Itential Automation Platform, they were able to seamlessly integrate their existing environment of multi-vendor and multi-domain network technologies with their custom-built, home grown IT solutions, thus avoiding any project disruptions that would be required by other alternatives due to lengthy and costly integration and development cycles.

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Accelerated Time to Market & Increased Productivity

By implementing IP backhaul router automation and orchestration with Itential, this service provider decreased the manual hours to deploy new cell sites and aggregation routers by over 50%, increasing productivity of their cell site engineers by 200%. Most importantly, they were able to reduce their project timeline by 75% through the automation and orchestration of the deployment and upgrade process with Itential.

Why They Chose Itential

Solution Snapshot

Company Size
115M+ Employees

Service Provider

Use Cases
IP Backhaul Router Automation

Internal Systems (Inventory, Service Assurance, Ordering System/Engineering Portal)

Gitlab and Nokia

Results Snapshot

Reduction in 5G deployment time and more key results

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Without the robust integration capabilities of Itential, we would have fallen behind on our 5G deployment. Their products and team made it possible for us to get ahead of schedule, ensuring our end users are always connected.

Senior Manager, Network Planning, Tier 1 North American Service Provider

horizontal green line with a quotation mark to indicate the start of a customer quote on the benefits of the itential automation platform

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