Itential + Kaloom

Making 5G Network Slicing a Reality

As service providers accelerate their deployments of 5G into the far edge of their networks, the need for technologies that provide advanced functionality and automation increase significantly. The promises of 5G (high performance and low latency) can only be achieved through careful orchestration of network infrastructure and applications across thousands of mobile-edge sites. The partnership of Itential and Kaloom provides an integrated solution for the automated deployment of virtual fabrics and 5G applications to the mobile edge sites along with coordinated orchestration of end-to-end networking between the edge sites and the service providers IP network, cloud, and applications.

The Importance of Automation for the Cloud Edge & Data Center

Prior to 5G, service providers typically deployed mobility applications using centralized or regionalized data centers (2-8 datacenters), with mobile edge computing (MEC) becoming an attractive deployment model to deliver high performance, low latency services to 5G customers, the number of sites that will house mobility applications will grow into the thousands. The older methods of manually configuring network infrastructure and mobility applications cannot scale to support the MEC model for two reasons – first, the applications provided by the large network equipment providers are complex to manage and configure, and second, the amount of network configuration required to interconnect the applications increases by more than 1000x due to the number of MEC sites being deployed. The only viable options for service providers are to select products that provide performance and programmability and to move from manual configuration of the network to full lifecycle automation.

About Itential

Network Automation & Orchestration

Itential simplifies and accelerates the deployment and automation of multi-domain, multi-vendor network infrastructures. The Itential Automation Platform is a low-code, cloud-native solution that seamlessly connects to any IT system, cloud, or network technology for end-to-end automation of any network use cases, making it an ideal solution for automating and orchestrating advanced capabilities like 5G Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) creation and 5G network slicing.

About Kaloom
Cloud Edge Networking

Kaloom is delivering a fully programmable and automated cloud-native data center networking software solution that is disrupting how distributed cloud edge and data center networks are built, managed and operated by Telecom, Fixed and Mobile Operators, Data Center and Cloud Service Providers. Kaloom comprises technology veterans with proven track records of delivering large-scale networking, analytics, and AI-based solutions for the world’s largest networks.

On-Demand Webinar

Cloud to Core to Edge: Making 5G End-to-End Network Slicing a Reality

Watch this unique webinar to see how Kaloom and Itential join forces with Equinix to demonstrate an end-to-end customer solution for multi-customer network slicing.

Itential + Kaloom: Making 5G Network Slicing a Reality

The Itential + Kaloom partnership enables service providers to quickly and efficiently deploy the Kaloom Cloud Edge Fabric and to automate the integration of the Cloud Edge Fabric-enabled site into the service provider’s network and cloud environments, creating an end-to-end, automated infrastructure, capable of delivering advanced capabilities such as 5G network slicing.

Integration of Itential & Kaloom

By integrating the two platforms together, customers can now:

  • Automate creation of virtual network fabrics.
  • Create layer 2 and layer 3 IP networking on the fabrics.
  • Configure the IP networking to interwork with the other network elements within the MEC site and connect to the service provider core network.
  • Automate configuration of the 5G UPF, including creation of network instances and 5G network interfaces.
  • Automate of interworking with interconnect or public/private cloud providers.
  • Automate testing and validation for MEC site and internetworking.
  • Automate notification and integration with orchestration systems.

Use Cases

Top use cases and examples of the integration:


Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) and Edge site deployment

  • Deploy the Kaloom Cloud Edge Fabric to establish the site network infrastructure.
  • Deploy the Kaloom 5G UPF (user plane function) running as one of the Containerized Networking Functions.
  • Establish and test network connectivity between the MEC site and the service provider’s network.

5G Network Slicing

  • Establish secure network path with guaranteed quality of service (5G network slice) from the MEC site, through the service provider’s core network, and into cloud, datacenter, or enterprise network.

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