Simplify SD-WAN Automation with Itential

End-to-end network automation in SD-WAN deployments.

SD-WAN is a Multi-Domain Problem

The explosion in the demand for new cloud-based services, applications and networks span’s across various domains such as distributed clouds, data centers, WANs, LANs, and edge. This has resulted in the expectation for SD-WAN services to traverse multiple domains or face failures to deliver the expected application experience, optimize cloud connectivity, improve security, and to provide complete visibility of the network for managing and resolving network issues. A lack of interoperability across distributed multi-domain networks leads to siloed operations, complex platform interactions, and ultimately higher operational costs.

This is placing an increased burden on already stretched network operations teams to not only maintain business as usual services running, but rollout new technologies, such as SD-WAN branches. NetOps teams are now expected to manage multiple vertical solutions across multiple domains, which also comes with a steep learning curve.

Network automation is the key to enabling organizations to transition and manage legacy network in combination with next generation technologies, like SD-WAN using a single tool set.

Connect Multi-Domain Silos with Network Automation

SD-WAN solutions must include a multi-domain strategy to provide coordinated service creation as well as basic operations and configuration management capabilities. Itential’s Automation Platform simplifies and automates the management and configuration processes for SD-WAN, enabling organizations to drastically reduce risks and improve efficiency, increase agility, launch applications faster and drive overall business value.

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  • Create cohesive automation workflows that span multiple domains and network types
  • Connect your entire IT ecosystem like ticketing, change management, inventory and monitoring tools.
  • Integrate operational processes with network procedures in a unified low-code platform
  • Automate across entire operational process, including SD-WAN provisioning.

Itential Powers End-to-End Network Automation for SD-WAN


The Itential Automation Platform is API first. Our vendor-agnostic solution connects to anything and acts as an aggregated network API, federating functionality and data from existing northbound and southbound systems, including controllers, orchestrators and network management tools.



Itential provides a number of pre-built automations that customers can leverage to rapidly adopt automation for specific use cases.

  • SD-WAN Branch Onboarding – Itential’s pre-built automation provides out of the box capabilities that involves confirmation of request and assessment of new branch template, the allocation of appropriate resources for the provisioning process, and implementation of the new branch.
  • SD-WAN Branch Management – Itential’s pre-built automation provides out of the box capabilities that consists of the configuration and activation of connectivity between existing enterprise offices and new locations being brought online. Enables for continual optimization of traffic growth and application of real-time security policies across branch sites.

Itential Benefits for SD-WAN Deployments

Simplify Network Management

Easily scale to manage thousands of devices across your entire network and execute zero-touch deployment automations through cloud-based management using a single interface.

Federate Across Network Technologies

Mitigate the complexity of managing multiple languages. Itential easily consumes and federates modeling languages such as YANG, YAML and TOSCA, abstracting the complexity from the user for simplified automation.

Unified View Across Your Entire Network

Itential provides an abstracted and federated view of the data, processes & logic from integrated systems, enabling a single pane of glass across your entire network and management tools for simplifying automation across your organization.

Automate Multi-Domain & Multi-Vendor Networks

Itential’s network automation platform provides cohesive end-to-end and closed-loop automation capabilities across your hybrid cloud, multi-vendor SD-WAN deployments.

Reduces Cost

Streamline usage for multi-domain solutions to reduce operational costs by automating the process for routing application traffic to drive efficient delivery.

Enhanced Security

Granular Role Based Access Controls ensures secure authorization of users and administrators so the right individuals or groups can participate in the end-to-end network automations at the right step in the process.