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Automating Multi-Domain Networks with Itential

Why Automate Multi-Domain Networks?

Today’s businesses require network automation capabilities that span multiple and distinct automation domains from traditional physical networks to next-generation programmable networks, SD-WANs, cloud networks, and VNF-based infrastructures.  Unfortunately, most network automation platforms and orchestration tools are limited to their specific automation domains. Implementing multiple network automation tools without connecting them to a common automation framework creates a plethora of problems including incomplete automation processes and expensive and complicated integrations between disparate automation tools that lead to vendor lock-in.

Network automation helps to:

  • Span automation processes across complex, diverse, and multi-domain environments.
  • Extend automations even further by integrating with all your systems and devices, regardless of domain.
  • Create a single network API for your entire ecosystem.

Automating Multi-Domain Networks with Itential

Itential consolidates and extends the capabilities of individual network automation tools into a single, intelligent network API for the ITSM ecosystem. The Itential Automation Platform simplifies automation across complex, diverse, and multi-domain network environments.

Low-Code Workflow Canvas

Create cohesive automation workflows that span multiple domains and network types.

Integrate with Your Entire Environment

Deep integrations with your DevOps, analytics, and ITSM systems once vs. once per network type.

Robust Pre-Checks & Post-Checks

Save time with closed-loop automation, including extensive pre- and post-check capabilities.

Itential Extends Automation Across Any API or Any Network Device

With Itential’s Pre-Built Integrations and Automations, organizations can rapidly onboard simple and reusable end-to-automations that support any API or any device type.

Know Your Network. Automate Your Network.

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