Simplify & Streamline Network Security Changes with Automation

Securing Today’s Complex Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Networks

The state of the network today is much more than physical devices such as routers and switches. It includes virtual network devices deployed in on-prem data centers as well as cloud-native network services instantiated across multiple cloud platforms. All these devices and services must have consistent, updated security policies to ensure they are functioning with minimal risk. Given the sustained high rate of change in the network, especially for anything in the cloud, securing the network has become an ever-increasing challenge.

Automating Network Security

Automation for network security is now a requirement when you consider the expansion of networking from strictly on-premises now into multiple cloud platforms, the increasingly high rate of network changes, and the ability for more teams to make changes to network infrastructure. Many network teams have not adopted automation and are left to make changes using manual processes, which can lead to the introduction of errors into the configuration of network devices and services. This represents a significant risk to any organization, which is why customers turn to automation.


Optimize Changes
Optimize the time it takes to make network security updates and changes.

Manage Changes Across Any Network Domain
Synchronize security configuration changes that span multiple network domains like routers, firewalls, and cloud-based security groups.

Increased Network Stability
Pre-emptively validate that any proposed changes will not violate the defined compliance standards.

Reduce & Eliminate Exposure
Integrate IT systems and sources of truth into automations to reduce error and fully document changes.

Bridge the NetOps & SecOps Divide through Automation with Itential

The Itential Automation Platform allows security and network teams to work together seamlessly to ensure that security policies for network configurations are defined and enforced in every automation. Security teams can quickly create Golden Configuration templates that define configurations that adhere to compliance standards. These templates can be used for traditional CLI-based network devices and API-based network services. Any automations created by network or security teams can use these templates to consistently check that the network is in compliance and automations that make changes to the network can validate the proposed changes before they are applied. This helps catch configuration errors before they are applied and helps keep the network secure.

Users can gain greater security and confidence in their network changes by leveraging the capabilities of Itential’s automation solution such as

Low-Code Workflow Canvas

Enable network teams and security teams to participate in network automations that work together to make changes more securely.

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Mitigate Config Drift with Golden Configuration Templates

Easily build and update Golden Configuration templates that can be used for scheduled, automated network compliance checks to identify drift and possible risk. Leverage the same templates to preventatively validate a network change before it’s made, avoiding unnecessary risk due to configuration errors.

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Governance Over Cloud Networking Infrastructure

Enable networking teams to manage configuration and enable security teams to build compliance standards for both CLI and API based network infrastructure and ensure uniform and secure configuration of network devices and services.

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No Code Integrations with IT Systems like Source of Truth & ITSM

Automations can directly integrate with sources of truth like Netbox or Infoblox to make sure data for changes is 100% correct and every step of an automated Change Request can be documented in systems like ServiceNow for full transparency and accountability.

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Pre-Built Automations for Security Use Cases

Start automating security changes immediately by downloading and running Pre-Built Automations from Itential’s growing library. Existing automations are available that can help you to update network device configurations, firewall rules, or cloud security policies.

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Network Security Use Cases

Accelerate Deployment of New Security Devices & Services

Automate the deployment of network security devices, whether they are physical, virtual, or cloud-native to save time and ensure initial configurations are compliant.

Streamline Day-to-Day Security Policy Change Management

Safely reduce backlog by automating security infrastructure changes driven by new applications and services across data center and cloud.

Ensure Configuration Standardization & Compliance

Easily manage configurations for both physical and cloud infrastructure and ensure compliance across your entire network.

Orchestrate Across Multi-Domain, Multi-Vendor Networks

By being controller and orchestrator agnostic, Itential mitigates the complexity of managing multiple network types and vendors by consuming and federating the systems and networks managed by those systems, abstracting the complexity from the user for simplified automation and orchestration.

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