Automate Next-Gen 5G Networks with Itential

Rapidly operationalize automation for the deployment and management of 5G networks.

5G is a Complex Journey

5G, the fifth-generation wireless technology, promises higher bandwidth and advanced, low-latency network capabilities that will enable a wide range of advanced business and consumer applications. 5G is a catalyst for virtualization and automation in both service provider and enterprise use cases. With much hype built around the arrival of 5G networks for many years, the truth is that building out the infrastructure to support 5G is far more complex and challenging than you would think.

As cloud intelligence gets pushed to the edge and 5G expands both the capacity and accessibility of broadband and low-latency mobile services, what does this mean for network operators and how they have traditionally managed, provisioned, configured and operated their network infrastructure?

5G Requires Automation to be Successful

To get the full benefits of 5G, mobile service providers will need to move to a distributed edge cloud that employs virtualization and automation technology to support 5G-based applications and services. This so-called “edge compute” or MEC strategy varies among the leading mobile operators and vendors, but one thing is certain: Cloud virtualization technologies will be adopted to support the scale of infrastructure that is needed.

As we move to the new world of the automated edge, the only way to roll out 5G services in a cost-effective way is through automation. Operators will have to make major strides in changing legacy workflows and processes. In many cases today, management of networks and connections are still managed by using manual spreadsheets. But the scale and magnitude of the 5G deployment will render this impossible.

  • Automation enables enhanced performance, scalability and agility
  • Automation helps organizations reduce the lifecycle management required today to support physical network elements
  • Automation enables closed-loop capabilities to easily transition from today’s network to tomorrow’s future state

Automate Next-Gen 5G Networks with Itential

In order to address complex networks, automation is required. Because networking teams do not have a thorough automation strategy in place as they transition to the 5G world, supporting such a network will become untenable. 5G networks will require automation that can support multi-domain and multi-vendor technologies as services such as Network Slicing will traverse across multiple network segments such as radio, access, core and edge which may contain a mix of virtual and physical network functions in addition to programmable and non-programmable technologies.

Itential is purpose-built for today’s complex, multi-domain and multi-vendor networks. From cloud-based networks to branch and data center networks and from NFV to distributed WANs – Itential’s network automation platform is powerful enough to manage the most difficult, large enterprise and service provider class network automation projects.

  • Simplify the transition from 4G to 5G network rollout
  • Instantiate and turn up 5G elements and automate the management of day 0 – day 2 operations
  • Provision services across physical and virtual zones within a network
  • Orchestrate the service lifecycle and configuration lifecycle of network services
  • Integrate with any underlying technology and southbound systems to drive end to end multi-domain and multi-vendor network automation
  • Rapidly operationalize automation for the deployment and management of 5G

Itential Provides Rapid End-to-End Network Automation for 5G Use Cases

Itential provides a number of pre-built automations that customers can leverage to rapidly adopt automation for specific use cases.


Small Cell Site Deployments
Itential enables Service Providers to centralize and modernize the planning, design, engineering, and deployment processes of Small Cell Site Deployments. By eliminating manual methods of management via spreadsheets, Itential’s Automation Platform enables network operators to automate the configuration, testing and integration of small cell sites into the network.


Mobile Edge Compute (MEC)
Itential enables network operators to scale their deployment capabilities to meet on-demand requirements of low-latency MEC applications such as business analytics and AI. Though automated and orchestration and deployment of new MEC sites, Itential’s Automation Platform enables networking teams to move away from manual configuration and orchestration of infrastructure components.

Network Slicing

Network Slicing
Itential enables network operators to define, deploy and manage a network slice through automation. Itential’s network automation platform can provision a network segment or “slice” across a 5G network.

Itential Benefits for 5G Deployments & Management

Future Proof

Itential Automation Platform can adapt to new underlying technologies, mitigating the need to rip and replace or start from scratch, ensuring a future proof investment.

Vendor Agnostic

Itential is vendor agnostic, providing automation across any technology or domain. Easily plug and play with vendor or tool of choice.

Integration & Federation

Seamless Integration, federation capabilities for automation across any IT or networking technology.

Built-In Network Intelligence

Itential’s built-in model driven network intelligence mitigates the need for change driven code development.

Ecosystem Integrations

Easily integrate the emerging 5G platform with broader set of technology ecosystems.

Simplify the Complexity

Itential is the only solution able to automate the complexity of multi-domain 5G networks.