Analyst Report

[Futuriom] 5G Catalysts: Business Opportunities at the Edge

Technology companies of all types are aggressively exploring new business opportunities that are enabled by extending cloud computing to the edge of the network. While many of these initiatives can be supported by 4G, low latency networks, there are many use cases in which only 5G can enable their full potential.

This research report from Futuriom unpacks why the emergence of the new edge cloud architecture, catalyzed by 5G, will have a large impact on the communications technology industry.

Download this Futuriom Report to learn:

  • Why the arrival of 5G will serve as a catalyst to accelerate network architectures through automation
  • How the emergence of the edge will transform the public cloud
  • Key applications for the edge cloud and 5G
  • Technology areas particularly suited to benefit from the new edge cloud