Analyst Report

[Futuriom] Network Automation Trends for Communications Service Providers

Communications Service Provider networks will need to employ automation to meet expanding demand of on-demand services. To deliver innovative new services that are truly value-added and monetizable, CSPs need to optimize their network infrastructure both to deliver a superior customer experience and to streamline their internal IT processes.

This report from Futuriom is based on extensive interviews with services providers as well as our exclusive Network Automaton Survey, and unpacks why network automation represents essential technology for Communications Service Providers (CSP) looking to reduce operational costs and enable faster integration and innovation.

Download this Futuriom Report to learn about:

  • CSPs responses on the importance of network automation, including the ability to successfully launch 5G.
  • How intent-based networking, AI, network telemetry, & closed-loop monitoring are key in enabling CSP automation.
  • The challenges CSPs face when it comes to hiring and maintaining technical staff with the required skills to deliver network automation.