Integrating Kentik & Itential for Automated Closed-Loop Remediation of Infrastructure Events

Both on-prem and cloud network infrastructure are critical for companies to deliver services faster to customers, but managing and securing this important resource requires infrastructure and security teams to identify issues quickly and react immediately to avoid outages or breaches. Manually identifying these events from massive amounts of infrastructure telemetry data and responding with manual processes increases outage times and security risk. Infrastructure and Security teams require tools that can identify and prioritize critical events and immediately run automated responses across all infrastructure.

Today, you can leverage Kentik’s ability to collect cloud and network telemetry data and generate intelligent alerts based on your organization’s requirements. When integrated with Itential, these alerts can immediately trigger an automation for the entire end-to-end remediation process, which can include updating infrastructure, managing incident response processes, and notifying teams. Combining both platforms enables enterprises to build closed-loop automations that respond to security and infrastructure events in real time.

Rich Martin, Director of Technical Marketing, Itential and Leon Adato, Principal, Technical Evangelism at Kentik, demonstrate how to utilize the Kentik Observability Platform with the Itential Automation Platform to build automations that rapidly respond to cloud, network, or security infrastructure events and update teams and critical IT systems.

You’ll see how to:

  • Leverage Kentik to generate Alerts for AWS infrastructure and trigger an Itential automation.
  • Acknowledge the Alert Event in Itential, extract and transform data provided by Kentik platform.
  • Automate the Change Request and Incident processes in ServiceNow for audit and documentation.
  • Validate data and automate logic to update AWS Security Group or determine another course of action.
  • Update Infrastructure and Security teams of the event and the automated response in MS Teams.

Demo Notes

(So you can skip ahead, if you want.)

00:00 Introductions
04:15 What is Network Observability & Network Automation & Orchestration?
09:06 Discussion on Build vs Buy
16:34 Itential & Kentik Feature Overview
21:25 Itential & Kentik Use Case Discussion
35:48 Demo Architecture & Overview
38:36 Validate AWS Security Group Rules & Connection Failure
39:30 Overview of Kentik Platform & AWS Security Group Policy
46:25 Review Itential Workflow to Respond to Kentik Alert
54:58 View Automation Updates & Links in MS Teams
56:20 Review Completed Automation Job in Itential
57:08 Verify Automated ServiceNow Ticket Management Process Completed
59:42 Final Thoughts & Conclusion