Scaling Network Automation from Ticket Creation to Ticket Closure

The network used to be a much simpler world full of nothing but routers, switches, and CLI commands but that’s no longer the case. The role of and responsibilities of network engineers are expanding alongside more complex networks that require management beyond CLI keystrokes. Automation tooling such as Ansible, Terraform, or Python are driving the ability for  network engineers to perform routine network operations tasks quickly and efficiently, however they have limitations that drive you back into a world of manual processes that require a “swivel-chair” and “copy-paste” approach between network applications, dashboards, consoles, and IT systems.

The biggest challenge network engineers face is how to automate at scale.

Why Current Automation Efforts Don’t Scale

Like most, you’ve probably started your journey into network automation using Python, Ansible, and other technologies, with a focus on automating what you do in your day-to-day work such as configuration management, software upgrades, device onboarding, or port turn-ups. The problem here is the automations you’re building are only focused on the specific execution of the network task, rather than the full change management process.

In fact, by only focusing on the individual network change executions, you’re effectively ignoring 80% to 90% of the total automation opportunity in your network.

It’s time to step up your automation game.

Download this eBook to learn how to:

  • Onboard existing CLI and custom scripts and incorporate them into automation workflows or build your own automations.
  • Maximize your automations from ticket creation to ticket closure by integrating automations with your entire IT ecosystem.
  • Create built-in guardrails to your automations with robust pre- and post-check processes.
  • Make your automations accessible for self-service access that anyone can execute, inside or outside of the platform.