How to Build an Itential Workflow: Part 2 – Adding Pre-Checks, Post-Checks, & Evaluations

Getting started with automating network infrastructure requires a logical, step-by-step approach. You should start simple with a relevant use case and translate the process into a series of logical tasks. Then, you can build out integrations and surrounding processes to ensure it works with your infrastructure and meets your standards. Last, you will implement your tasks until the workflow is complete.

In the second part of the Building Network Automation Workflows with Itential demo series, we continue to build upon the workflow from the previous demo. To extend and enhance the simple workflow, we will incorporate pre-check and post-check processes, along with evaluations and conditional tasks that allow more work to be automated with confidence.

In this demo, learn step-by-step how to:

  • Build pre-check and post-check tasks into a network automation.
  • Parse and evaluate result data from previous tasks.
  • Integrate with IT systems to access data for the automation (IPAM).
  • Format and translate data between tasks using Data Transformations.
  • Run and test the workflow as part of the building process.

Demo Notes

(So you can skip ahead, if you want.)

00:00 Introduction & Demo Overview
02:45 Recap of Part 1 of Webinar Series
06:57 Create a Command Template for Pre-Check Process
10:30 Build a Command Template Rule for Pass or Fail
11:50 Modify & Test Command Template Rules
15:54 Create a Command Template for Post-Check Process
17:11 Add & Test the Pre & Post Check Tasks in the Workflow
25:53 Add & Test an Evaluation for the Pre-Check Task
36:20 Add Evaluation Tasks for Other Steps
43:13 Details on Using Tasks for External IT Systems in the Workflow

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