Itential Architecture

Designed to automate the most complex changes in the world’s largest networks.

Itential’s Multi-Tiered Architecture

Itential is a multi-tiered solution that federates data from your existing systems and enables a unified workflow across the multi-controller/orchestrator environment. Our intelligent network automation engine easily integrates with existing OSSs and portals to leverage existing performance management, inventory and testing systems. By providing a robust model for aggregating and synthesizing data from all existing tools, Itential acts as a centralized engine for business logic involved in network automation. The engine implements this through network application micro-services that are exposed through an open API to further extend the value of the solution.

  • Application layers provide user interface and additional business logic above that exposed from the Cog layer
  • Cog layer houses core business logic and micro-services that are reusable across applications
  • Broker layer provides federation of data collected from SDN controllers, NFV and network orchestrators, and other southbound systems
  • Adapter layers provide integration with southbound systems in an efficient, standard manner
  • Integration layers support east/west integration and integration toward OSS and ordering systems
  • Workflow engine supports execution of service changes/adds, coordinated element configuration, and automation of common operations activities

Modular, Reusable & Seamless Integrations

Itential provides a suite of modular, reusable, network applications and tools for implementing common use cases and also serves as a solution for development of network application micro-services.

Itential separates business logic and workflows from vendor specific constructs. This allows it to seamlessly integrate with other systems such as Cisco NSO, ServiceNow, Ansible Tower, etc. Itential also provides a common application development environment that can support domain-specific and cross-domain applications.

Itential was purpose-built to support a flexible, open and agnostic network automation ecosystem.


The Itential application layer provides the client-side user interface code. Each application is loaded as a module into the Itential runtime. In addition to managing user interactions, the application layer ensures user interactions are appropriately applied to the system by making a set of RESTful calls to the application’s cog. An application and its cog are therefore tightly coupled.


The cog layer enables definition of business logic in a re-usable fashion as micro-services. Every call defined in the cog layer is a RESTful interface allowing calls to be invoked from the user interface, workflow engine, or any external 3rd party integration. Each cog will use various brokers and adapters to perform its duties. During the cog design, care should be taken to adhere to the standards of a RESTful interface.


The broker layer collects information from the southbound controller systems and creates a federated view of resources and data provided by those systems. This ensures consistency in data models between the various systems.


The adapter layer allows Itential to integrate 3rd party APIs into its solution. Each adapter is responsible for communication with external platforms such as NSO, ServiceNow and others. The adapter’s responsibility is to return data objects to Itential based on the results of 3rd party calls. Many adapters can exist for a common broker. For example, the device broker may have multiple adapters for NSO, ServiceNow, Ansible Tower and others.


The east/west interfaces allow the platform to be integrated with other existing OSS and BSS tools. For example, a billing system may trigger service activation via an East/West integration.


Network Intelligent Workflows
Itential’s Network Intelligent Workflows are a very powerful component of our solution. The workflow engine provides a mechanism to automate tasks while reaping the benefits of manual review and decision-making processes where necessary or desired. Any of the API calls defined in the cog layer are available to be called as workflow tasks providing a robust set of features to the workflow designer. Workflow processes can be defined for new service provisioning, service relocation, and many other scenarios.

Open & Extensible

In a multi-controller scenario, Itential will communicate with each of the controllers through adapters that are specific to each controller type. This type of architecture will enable users to leverage a single application execution environment that spans multiple controller infrastructures. Business and service logic can be defined once and executed across each of the controller infrastructures. This approach will simplify development for cross-domain, cross-controller applications and services.

  • Get purpose-built adapters from Itential
  • Create your own customer adapters
  • Define and execute your own service logic
  • Leverage custom logic across multiple domains

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