Itential Announces Newest Release of its Intelligent Network Automation Solution for the Modern Network

Itential 6.0 automates network activities that cross multiple domains, platforms and organizations

ATLANTA, AUGUST 28, 2018  — Itential, the leader in intelligent network automation, today announced the availability of Itential 6.0, the first low-code network automation solution for the modern network. With advanced capabilities for supporting the data-models associated with orchestrators and controllers, DevOps tools and cloud-orchestrators; Itential 6.0 avoids the silos traditionally associated with managing the network by automating activities that cross multiple domains, platforms and organizations.

In today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape, organizations are tasked with maintaining existing infrastructure while simultaneously adopting and integrating new cloud-based technology. However, network technologies have evolved at a slower pace and traditional methods of managing the network, through manual command line interfaces (CLI), are unable to scale and keep up with the pace of emerging technologies coming to fruition.

“We are entering a new era of network innovation where a modern network is needed to support and enable digital transformation,” said Chris Wade, Chief Technology Officer, Itential. “Itential’s model-centric approach is unique in its flexible and scalable low-code interface that allows for advanced logic and simplified programmability. By democratizing today’s increasingly complex networks and saving time and money in the process, Itential 6.0 is making the journey toward the modern network attainable in ways not previously possible.”

Itential 6.0 introduces numerous advanced capabilities for operationalizing network management with:

  • Low-Code Automation: Itential 6.0 removes the skills gap issue that commonly blocks automation efforts by exposing modeled devices and services, functionality from integrated controllers and orchestrators, and pre-built network intelligence as reusable tasks and form components via the Itential Workflow Builder.
  • Modeling & Template Support: Provides enhanced support to federate YANG, Ansible YAML and TOSCA. Itential 6.0 abstracts the complexity of these platforms from the user by exposing the components within each model in an easy to use, drag and drop environment that can be utilized in network intelligent forms and workflows.
  • Standardization & Management of Device / Service: The definition of golden configurations for devices and services allows for thorough audit and remediation of live instances of those devices and services to maintain control of configuration drift.
  • Enhanced Enterprise Access & Control: Role-based access control provides unprecedented flexibility and control over permissions to components and data within Itential 6.0. The granularity provided by the system in defining user access to apps, automation functions within each app, workflows, tasks within each workflow and data federated from external systems ensures that even the most stringent security requirements can be met.
  • High-Availability: Enhanced active/active architecture allows for dynamic scaling, while mitigating downtime as your automation environment grows. Itential 6.0 provides reliability that meets the most demanding requirements for availability of automation functionality.

Itential simplifies and automates the journey toward the modern network and bridges the gap between IT and networking teams by enabling users to easily build, execute and visualize Network Intelligent Workflows. Itential’s low-code environment provides a vendor agnostic, turnkey solution, connecting network orchestrators and controllers with IT Service Management applications and configuration tools to accomplish closed-loop network automation. Itential’s products are in use today within some of the world’s largest networks, including many of the top service provider and financial services companies throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Itential 6.0 is generally available, please click here to learn more or contact Itential at with questions or to schedule a personalized overview and demo. To learn more about Itential’s products and solutions please visit

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