Analyst Report

[451 Research] Itential Keeps the Ops in DevOps

The company’s automated network orchestration suite brings low-code integration to DevOps and NetOps.

Software-defined networks have struggled to gain traction in enterprises, but the requirement for integrated and agile networking is growing. Enterprise network teams need to adopt automation to manage competing and changing application demands.

Itential brings agility and programmability to the network enabling enterprises to move to a DevOps model. In order to overcome the skills gap within network teams, Itential provides a low-code environment so developers can create applications and integrate with Itential without knowing anything about the network, and network IT can configure the network models and workflows without writing a line of code.

Read the full report to get 451’s insights on Itential’s network automation solution and the “crawl, walk, run” strategy that Itential brings to enterprises and service providers of all sizes.

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