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Itential Workflow Designer Training Course Overview


Course Overview

The Itential Workflow Designer training course introduces Itential network automation products. This course reviews our solution’s benefits, how it is used to build network automation applications and workflows and describes Itential’s architecture.

Attendees will learn:

  • Workflow structure and execution
  • How to design and build workflows
  • How to test and troubleshoot workflows
  • Integrating forms into workflows with the Form Builder Application
  • How to automatically verify network state before and after network changes using the pre-check automation command and analytics templates

This online course is conducted through the Itential Academy website. Attendees will experience self-paced video lectures combined with interactive lab guides for a simplified lab experience. Learners work in an Itential system running on a remote virtual environment and each attendee will build, modify, review and troubleshoot workflows over the course of tiered labs.

Estimated Course Duration: 16 hours

Course Outline

  • Itential automation solution overview
  • Creating automation jobs using Itential’s Network Intelligent Workflow builder
  • Creation and management of manual intervention steps
  • Automation work queue management
  • User interface creation using Itential Form Builder
  • Queries, evaluations and scheduling
  • Creation of pre and post check automation templates
  • Leveraging Itential’s automation service catalog


This course is intended to develop the skills needed to build network automations using Itential. The use of Itential can reduce the effort of deploying network changes by as much as 95% as well as dramatically limiting the opportunities for user error. Using the skills taught by this course, users will be able to create and update network intelligent workflows for automating network and service changes, define templates for pre- and post-checks, create forms for user interactions, and assignment of manual tasks to appropriate groups.  Itential’s automation framework is a powerful tool that helps its customers achieve their automation goals.

Itential provided one of the most comprehensive training courses I’ve ever participated in. It felt good to be able to build something in the lab environment that was practical and applicable to my organization’s network automation plans.

Network Engineer, Large Global Enterprise

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