Market Guide for Network Automation Tools

Gartner estimates that today, over 65% of network activities are manual. As a result, infrastructure, operations, and cloud management leaders should look to shift from “ClickOps” whereby most processes are performed manually, enabled by fingers “clicking” on keyboards to “NetDevOps” typically associated with applying DevOps and/or CI/CD practices to networking activities, resulting in heavily automating operational network tasks including troubleshooting and provisioning

Network automation tools allow for increased agility and efficiency while lowering costs, reducing the amount of manual human errors, and improving compliance with requires rules, regulations, and laws. Network automation tools allow organizations to make network changes across hundreds, thousands, or more devices in short periods of time.

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  • The market direction for network automation today and into the future.
  • The barriers to network automation and how to overcome them with the right tool.
  • Common use cases for network automation.
  • The key drivers and associated value of network automation.
  • How to evaluate network automation solutions.
  • Representative network automation vendors, such as Itential.

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