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Consolidate, Organize & Modernize Your CLI Automation Assets

Bring Your Own Automation:
Take CLI Automations to the Next Level

Itential Automation Gateway is a standalone application to propel network automation and network programmability. It’s ‘Bring Your Own Automation’ capabilities enable network teams to securely organize, run and share their library of CLI automations.

Its powerful features enable you to take your automation efforts to the next level, drive adoption, and maximize your investments.

  • Centralize and consolidate management of Scripts, Ansible, Terraform, NetMiko, and Nornir automation assets.
  • Dynamically discover and federate CLI automations for easy organization.
  • Decorate your automations and securely share them with IT teams.
  • Utilize a next-generation network inventory engine built on a real-time federated data model.
  • Integrate with the Itential Automation Platform to build end-to-end network automations.

Itential Automation Gateway Technologies Supported

Automation Gateway further enhances the value of your custom-built Scripts, Ansible, Terraform, NetMiko, and Nornir automation assets. Learn more about each:

Python Scripts

By onboarding your Python script into Itential Automation Gateway, your script will be organized and made available in the application to other members of your team. Your colleagues can open the script and examine it to help understand how it works, and even safely test it in a lab environment.

See how to onboard Python into IAG

Ansible Modules

Automation Gateway has a tightly coupled integration with Ansible, making all the network modules available within the Itential Automation Platform in an easy way to explore, test, and run. It makes for a perfect way for new users to network automation to understand Ansible network modules and experienced Ansible users to test different module functions without iterating overbuilding and modifying playbooks.

See how to onboard Ansible Modules into IAG

Terraform Lifecycle Operations

Itential Automation Gateway integrates with Terraform and enables users to perform the full lifecycle of Terraform operations: Plan, Validate, Refresh, Apply, and Destroy.

Ansible Playbooks

Itential Automation Gateway provides a platform to organize, share, and run Ansible Playbooks from a secure application. Members can explore the library of Playbooks and view their contents to understand exactly how they work, and even run them across test or live environments.

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Netmiko Python Scripts

Itential Automation Gateway integrates with NetMiko and allows users to execute any Python program with support for NetMiko’s CLI-based library.


Itential Automation Gateway integrates with the Nornir Network Automation Framework and allows execution of Nornir networking modules.

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CLI Automation with
Itential’s Automation Gateway

How Automation Gateway Enhances Network Automation

Close the Skills Gap Between IT & Network Operations

Apply DevOps to NetOps by visually representing CLI automations for use via standardized APIs, and abstracting information of artifacts and the complexity of scripting and YAML. This enables network engineers to do their jobs without having an application development background.

Enhance Collaboration & Productivity

Centralized management of all CLI-based automations consolidated from across the organization’s distributed network deployments, breaks down the barriers between different silos within an organization.

Increase Speed & Efficiency

Dynamic discovery, federation, and simplified decoration of automation assets ensures data accuracy, improved quality, and faster deployment times with lower risk of errors.

Streamline Processes

Securely share CLI-based automations with API interfaces to unify and streamline operational processes across multiple systems and departments across an organization.

Leverage Existing Investments

Maximize your automation investment by integrating with the Itential Automation Platform, which can leverage existing CLI-based automations from Automation Gateway to build network automation workflows for use cases across multiple network domains.

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